I am nothing but behavior

I am nothing but a speck of dust in a universe that is infinite

I control nothing but my behavior

I can fool myself to believe I am in control of my destiny

I am not, my behavior may make it possible to achieve, arrive at a desired destination

I still have no guarantee that I will accomplish and attain this focal point

I must acknowledge to myself and the universe that I have little control at all

I have nothing but my behavior, it is my rock, foundation

It is formed by my belief system as is yours

It is molded by the examples of other souls, pre-experienced and caring

It is truth, words are nothing without the demonstration supported by behavior

It defines my soul, allows me to co-habitat with other souls

It provides strength when It is most needed and solace when I am sick

I have no control of illness but my behavior may invite certain physical calamities

I haven’t the control on my prosperity as I would like to believe, poor behavior will destroy but good intentions and wishful investing can as well

I must accept that my behavior will define my character, show my true worth

I am nothing in the grand scheme of the universe except to those whom wish to open up for me

I am nothing but love, wrapped in behavior, I was formed because of love, I was designed by love and it is only by my behavior that I can honor My God , Parents, My Spouse, My Children ,My Grandchildren and friendships that have molded my journey.

I am my behavior, the flesh will some day dissolve, and if I talked about after I am taken it will be about my behavior, my love and everything else formed by my free will which is behavior granted by my Creator

Peace be with you

Park 2015


Announcing Mother’s Day


From the moment of interception a woman carries within her womb the hope of humanity


 She knowing does so with the full expectancy of pain


The physical at childbirth and the knowledge that there will be future sorrow 


Guaranteed frustrations while she raises her gift


With unwavering courage she will prepare the child for the world. 


With unconditional Love she will tend to the child’s needs 


and often to children whom are not even hers.


 With a devotion that is unmatched she will stand by her child


 even when that child was grown up and started their own paths.


 Even the most battle harden veteran longs for the embrace 

of the comforting arms of their mother


 Even the most independent minded child acknowledges 

that a piece of their mother’s heart rest within them.


 It is fitting, right to honor our Mothers


 Mothers whom are surrounded by love ones


 Mothers whom are alone


 Mothers whom are no longer with us.


 Let us announce our Love for those whom have taken the chance



 accepted the sacrifice to bring us into the world.


Happy Mother’s Day


 Love you Mom!!! 


© Park 2013

It is time to heal


It is time to heal

It is time to heal, my Lord

I believe in cause and results

I understand it will not be with a mean-less word

But in faith with in that exults

I must grant myself the knowledge and truth

That everything here is for God’s purpose

I declare that Love is All

Each set back, struggle and suffering or worse

All designed, to guide and mold and call

To bring me to the acceptance of destiny

That I may fulfill what I am here to do

Fulfill I will, with honesty, and trust and intensity 

When It is time I will then be united with YOU 


© Park 2013