I am going to miss baseball, again


I am going to miss my baseball, again*

I was lucky enough to be born in the fifties when life was more about families, homemade pies and baseball. I remember listening to the local radio stations broadcasting the Phillies and Baltimore games. Then on Saturday and Sundays we watched the games on Television. Baseball was such a fabric of life as I grew up,you watched it , listen to it, played it and fantasized being part of it. I passed this tradition on to my girls as they grew up with the trips to the Veterans Stadium and Camden Yards.

Watching on TV, was not a closed sports package on cable ,not Major League Baseball, no we watched it on the main stream media you received by an antenna, yes sometimes the reception was poor but It was available to watch free. I didn’t have to pay for the privilege to witness the game on my TV. I was not denied the access of listening to the games from the local radio station, never in my life would I have imagine that a pre-recorded loop would instruct me to contact MLB if I want to listen to the game. The internet back in the 90s provided several sites that would broadcast and keep track of the game, even MLB was reasonable and I was a subscriber till they raised the fees. When it was possible the family would make pilgrimages to the stadiums to watch the game. We were knowledgable spectators, we knew who played first, and how good was the pitcher on the mound. It was fun because we were exposed to the National Pastime of Baseball.

Baseball is suffering from a neurotic greed. It’s really unreasonable to pay such a high cost to watch the games. MLB feels it needs to pay their players and owners such exuberant salaries. Really! Paying players so much to live a dream.  They did work hard for it and they work hard for the owners , but so does the hot dog guy who makes little more than enough to pay his modest bills work just as hard. Hot dog guys holds your life in their hands just by doing the job properly. You not going to lose your cookies by watching baseball unless you have a gambling problem, but that hot dog guy that don’t wash his hands after his constitutional will keep you on the toilet for hours , think about that.

Now MLB feels it is their right to charge what it does, and they are entitled to make a profit.  Blocked games, denying public viewing and listening unless a ransom is paid could be a bad business strategy. The future is being determined by their actions. Baseball may not be the national pastime in another decade or so. It is no longer readily available to a growing population to watch. The younger generation are gravitating to other sports like soccer, the little league parks are finding it hard to get kids interested in playing. Kids are not exposed to baseball.Seasoned baseball followers media starved from the teams they follow soon realize that the team roster and makeup are different thus a less desirable game, might as well go to a minor league game for a lot less expense. No, MLB is putting their industry out of business , slowly like a  cancer it will die. Greed erodes what is good.

I will miss baseball again, there is no reason to drive a couple of hours, spend a couple hundred including expense to watch a game with unidentifiable and unfamiliar players, a situation created because listening and watching games on the tv or radio must  be paid for. Goodbye Phillies.. Goodbye Orioles ., Hello Manchester United..

to be fair one of my friends is capable of listening to Orioles on his radio station which signal isn’t capable for my radio to pick up. my local stations play the loop that the regular scheduled event isn’t available LOL


A January Reflection ,Callous

Callous, an ugly word isn’t it. It is a bitter pill to realize that throughout a life it is easy to  manage to be indifferent, insensitive to others around. My callousness developed as a kid, having to adopt from one uncomfortable situation to another. No my life was not one of hardship, destitute and abuse, it was of typical working class folks , raised with Love and discipline. I just seem to always have problems that would set me apart. My callousness however is never justifiable whatever rationalization I would like to formulate. I show a touch of my callousness in a Blog post https://parkgang.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/i-wonder-what-happen-to-her/. I am without a doubt at times callous, often I pray that I can repent and become more compassionate and brave. I can not toss a stone,this being said the world around is also in the same pickle.

I believe today society has become sterile, with all the information thrown at us by the media.Moral values have been tarnished and redefined. Tolerance has become often a simile for acceptance,which it is not. Entertainment on the Television is brutal, morbid and far from the wholesome shows of its earlier years.  So instructed and expected to live in world where thin is mandatory , promiscuous behavior is expected almost merit badge worthy. When times require us  to  pull together for the good of our fellowmen ,it not long before reports of corruption and mismanagement of the people’s trust surfaces. Often in my community those in need, suffer isolation and harassment. The normalization of rude, disruptive and frankly stupid behavior with the blessings of the networks, and the communities that seem to profit by it , is a cancer . It truly is.

I question How could the tragedy at Sandy Point Elementary School happen, the Shooting in Colorado and the many others? Lets assume banning guns will help. Yes, many guns that are available should not be, but guns will always be available through other means of marketing; until something more lethal comes along this is a Fact. Is it possible to Remove the Callous attitude that fosters the evil and ugly actions? Stop training these misguided and hateful souls on mainstream TV at least. Introduce the Value of a good life, one of true compassion , intelligent and healthy living based on a desire to want to be better . Learn to trust God, we did not make it this far because we were all capable. No time after time His Grace, the lessons we learned from the Gospels and Holy Words have guided us, framed a picture of goodness, influence our moral constitutions and given us a path. It is all ours if we want it.



Raising the Minimum Wage , shouldn’t we think about this



Reading the newspaper the other day ,I came across this article. I often wonder if our elected officials are considering all the results of their actions. I know many will see this as a positive. I  can see the opposite happen when these wage increased are introduced and enforced . I going to start with presenting you the web site with the article if you wish to read it first :http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20120113/NEWS02/201130343/Senator-proposes-raising-minimum-wage. Listed below you will find some of my reasoning based on what I have witnessed as well a few concerns .


When the minimum wage is enforced there is no mandate for everyone else to receive an increase , I have seen where an employee was granted a raise before the enforcement only to find that they were right back to minimum wage ,so the reward for good performance was removed ,consider how many folks are in this wage bracket


When the minimum wage is enforced many business,especially small business will have to cut hours to cover the increase of wages to be paid, as well as increase of taxes they must escrow and keep current , the employee ends up with less hours and the same if not less income in the end


When the minimum wage is enforced, business, especially small business will terminate some employees, they have to be able to make a profit so downsizing is a viable option , so now we have a few more in the unemployment line.


When the minimum wage is enforced, prices for services or merchandise especially in small business will rise, thus making the wage increase null, or of little advantage, as well as increasing the burden on those that live on a marginal budget, including those that are on a fixed income , social security and other social services.


When the minimum wage is enforced because the prices increases, those that are making more than minimum but still struggle because of debt , or other increased cost that seem to show up with the minimum wage, find themselves not having the buying power and must alter their buying habits, causing severe stress on Small business whom depend on those discretionary purchases .Causing many Small Business to fail, and more unemployment.


When the Minimum wages is enforced , will there be legislation to increase the government workers wages , will that not increase the debt that is already a major issue on the table. Will that cause friction between government workers and the private sector ?


When the minimum wage is enforce, will this drive more jobs oversees, In a global market,as we are in there are other counties with workers already in line to take the jobs that Americans are already considered over-paid by those parts of the world .


There are so many Americans , Delawareans that work in the minimum wage level, it is no longer just an entree level wage, as suggested but an acceptable wage ,not if you are surviving on it , but a legal wage. Most of those workers are hard working, honest even well educated citizens, that are in a situation that is less favorable. I am concern that raising the wage could be a disservice to many, and not accomplishing what it is designed to do. Would it be better to find ways to bring more jobs into the States, finding ways for the citizens to be able to afford  the necessaries of life, using the infra-structure that won’t put the burden on those that are already over -taxed. Would it not be better to regulate the larger corporations, those that have become a necessity to function . Legislation introduced many times for the benefit of the state mandates , can impose burdens on citizens and small business that are already struggling ,are you going to  explore this. Can we put value back in the Dollar.

I witnessed the hardship, frustration, the need of these valiant workers , who struggle everyday to provide services ,to accommodate what is expected of them, They don’t deserve to be abused , or used as a pawn for others agendas. They need to be treated with dignity, seen that their needs are covered , that they are not punished, or penalized (which happens way to often) . It should never be a disgrace to work, or it should never be a burden to work

Raising the minimum wage if done , must be done so that it is beneficial for all , that all the “t”s are crossed and all the “I” are dotted . God Bless America and the people that dwell in Wonderful Country and State of Delaware .



Would Christ have camped outside within an occupy

I do not know, I will not lie

I know he would not approve of today’s inequalities

But would He question some desired  civil Liberties


He preached that we should render to Caesar’s what is Caesar’s

I know He would prefer us to practice Charity and care

Let us not dwell on the misguided wealthy

But pray for their souls to become healthy


Perhaps then we will find our peace

And leave the barriers to the police

For they too are caught in the middle

It’s God’s choice whom belongs in the griddle


I know pain and anguish is abound

And young people search for sound

Advice and direction which seems hidden

But with God’s Grace it will be given


I do not know if Christ would camp at an occupy

I pray to Him that no one will die

Those whom protest I do care

That they won’t loose one strand of hair


Like it or not they have a right

To scream, and demand true insight

To were this world is going ,and How

And will it cause us all to bow


Raise in truth ,Cry for our life

Demand our dignity free from strife

But do so with care, and with humility

And pray to God that we find unity


Park 2012 

I am the un-counted

I am the over-looked

I am the un-counted

I fit no mold and go unnoticed

I wasted two lifetimes working for nothing

All doors remain close for me


I see no hands outstretched for me to grab

No act of kindness without conditions

No relief for people like me

My pain goes unchecked ,yet I am insured

The establishment picks and choose what they will do

Only at my deaths doorstep will they perform without malice

How arrogant this world is,that they hold my needs at pennies edge


I am well educated but display no accolades

I had to stand against evil, without protection,without justice

I fought in no foreign war, yet has faced the far side of a gun barrel

And yet I fared much worse as a victim,then if I had done the crime

Justice here is a game, a joke , an assault on God’s very Commandments

When called to serve I was herded like cattle in a basement , to be hidden


I sacrificed often for others, only to be spitted on rather than be thanked

Their feeling, their needs were my concerned, I was a joke to them

Years, yes years of not taking time off ,sick ,weak and full of fluids

No one cared, as long as they got their payment , their wages so to  be

The world glorifies the crooked politician, the self-centered celebrity , responsible free bureaucrat ,but shows no pardon for an honest willed person


I found that the world only counts on your recent deeds, your last three years of effort. The whole history is not of concern, It matters not that you were on the job for a lifetime, it only counts three years back, to bad , to bad

I am put on the same level as the criminal, the unclean , the sloths of humanity

It matters not that I been without a lawless record, It would be easier to have doors open it I had.

We live in a world where dishonesty pays, where deceit is prescribed ,Hence the insurance company that pays fully on it charge,and where hedge funding is the prescription for wealth and gambling is the funding of our schools, and yet there is never enough for those entities that are suppose to provide ,no one battled for me to see my just do, no one stood next to me when I was stripped of dignity , when my pockets were thin. And no one will


I laid in a fetal position on a gurney , my future unclear, my vision removed

Sign here, you should have , did they offer assistance no only asked how will you pay, sign this so you won’t drive and sue us, Like I could see you, ass

I risen days later, to start again, without the help from any of them

Each day I got better, but for whom, for more to go them, there is no cure

Why would there be when money is desired for their needs


Those that watched me were not amazed , for them I was a joke

My nice disposition only fueled their laughter, I watch a co-worker watched while I struggled with heavy equipment, I could almost here him laugh as he was leaving. Fine Christian man he was, a bible on each side with a tail coming outside his ass, It was not long after that I did fall


I am older now those days removed, but remember history don’t count

My pain today envelopes me, it clouds my judgement,weakens my strength

I seek no relief for I might not pay, those who insisted that we give it away

My sight is clouded by a film, that dirties the colors, and glares the light

I ask no more for help, I ask no more for quarter . The world can keep their hands to themselves, I wish not to dirty my own for the sake of comfort, but rather die

I pray not to linger in such a cold place,  a place where honesty is a curse

A place where good works is more of display,a concert and a beer

It has nothing to do with charity of the heart , but the clarity of one desire

I want none of it, no not one red cent, I deserve it not cause I tried my best

I will smile and greet with open heart and hope that when I depart, that maybe one , if only one will find a moment to stare at the sun, and say He is on His way

And I will say , I am on my way

Park 11 

Truth is always simple, short and to the point

I am sure some would argue with great conviction that this is an incorrect statement . I would also bet that those who object the most are in the business to wrap words . Those that make profit at evading or in some cases unravelling the truth that are hidden well ,deep in a matrix of clever statements  . I have found that most truthful and distinct statements are quick to show the brevity of what is presented. They are not usually surrounded by escapes, clauses and compromise. The reader may be confused ,but not deceived and easily remedied after investigation.The Declaration of  Independence of the United States is nothing more than a short letter, full of truth , conviction and to the unquestionable point . The United States original Constitution was rather short,to the point  ,amazing considering the scope of government , the rights of the citizens , and the responsibilities of both in maintaining this Great Country. The Greatest American speech ever to be heard by the people was the Gettysburg Address, a very disappointing oracle Lincoln was for those who look at what our leaders convey as entertainment .Unfortunately our political arena can be viewed as entrainment , where even professional comedian are reverend as wise and learned leaders. Years ago my father would write-up simple contracts for vending and food services with other business, some of good size.  Much to our surprise that one of our accounts wanted to bring another vendor  in, but because the  contract was short and to the point their lawyer informed them that He had nothing to work with and either had to continue our services or pay us what was projected in sales during the period we would be terminated , sweet and to the point Most of our contracts were not more than seven pages which included the Cover letter, and the ratification page. I seen many of our competitions contracts,which presented a mini book, they would break down what they would and not do, and how they would and could not do , wrapping words that would make a normal person accidently skip some key praises or hidden omissions intentional in the spirit of the contact. Now displayed on the news introduction of anything to congress or the executive branch ,the Bill looks like an Old fashion Telephone Book. There is no way our President can read from cover to cover what is in the Bill and do other duties that our nation requires.  No WAY, so how can we expect to get a truthful representation ,free from hidden agendas , free from unproven statement, lies, misguided ideas, How can we.  Today we stand at the crossroads , we face a future guarantee of economic strife . our children and their children face a bill they can not pay, it is wrapped up in worthless promises , some because it wrapped up in careful crafted hidden words. Is this what we want. Is this what we want to be remembered for. Maybe so. I got a feeling that when we die, it going to be really simple ,Yes or No , try wrapping that .

What says the news my friend

What says the news my friend



What says the news my friend

will it tell of glories,or sad ends

will it proclaim good fortune for us

or just tell us we missed the bus


How says the news do you care

is the market,bull or Bear

are the stocks worth much today

is the futures on cash, treasury Bonds Ok


How about the Political scene

are the Republicans able to wean

off the Tea party call for change

or is the Democrats in trouble again


What tragic moment in time

should we not expect an increase in crime

foreclosures abundant ,no solution in sight

nor does anyone care, it isn’t right


We bailed out the banks, who cashed in their bonus

and watch the flights roll out of Dallas

Gm and Chrysler did put out their hand

and their union sold out their plan


You money is safe says the Economic Scholar

Invest in me Wall Street Hollers

You not regret it , you really won’t

cause we can catch the next boat


Invest in our youth we did not do

Our schools will suffer with the economic gloom

It was with learning that made this country great

and we set it aside , to pay off debt and gain weight


Is our wars going well my dear friend

Our we still dying in the world far end

We send good people some to young or to old

and ask them to die , and be strong and bold


What plans do we have for all those broken dreams

dead men and women , and children screams

will they get cheated at what is due

because some politician needs to rule


What news my friends of the weather today

it sounds kind of strange on this summer day

to hot to handle ,especially in the fields

where our food is growing ,we need our yields


What news my friend is their today

is any of it positive, good people would say

Does it show any Love, and caring of You

or is it how someone ,may sue too


What celebrity who thinks they can say

what we should do and how we should play

and those who follow just have no sense

or they are lost , and forgetting the past tense


I don’t know what lies ahead of us tomorrow

I pray not sadness and of sorrow

I sure it will be much of the same

and everyone looking for someone to blame



Park 11