I am nothing but behavior

I am nothing but a speck of dust in a universe that is infinite

I control nothing but my behavior

I can fool myself to believe I am in control of my destiny

I am not, my behavior may make it possible to achieve, arrive at a desired destination

I still have no guarantee that I will accomplish and attain this focal point

I must acknowledge to myself and the universe that I have little control at all

I have nothing but my behavior, it is my rock, foundation

It is formed by my belief system as is yours

It is molded by the examples of other souls, pre-experienced and caring

It is truth, words are nothing without the demonstration supported by behavior

It defines my soul, allows me to co-habitat with other souls

It provides strength when It is most needed and solace when I am sick

I have no control of illness but my behavior may invite certain physical calamities

I haven’t the control on my prosperity as I would like to believe, poor behavior will destroy but good intentions and wishful investing can as well

I must accept that my behavior will define my character, show my true worth

I am nothing in the grand scheme of the universe except to those whom wish to open up for me

I am nothing but love, wrapped in behavior, I was formed because of love, I was designed by love and it is only by my behavior that I can honor My God , Parents, My Spouse, My Children ,My Grandchildren and friendships that have molded my journey.

I am my behavior, the flesh will some day dissolve, and if I talked about after I am taken it will be about my behavior, my love and everything else formed by my free will which is behavior granted by my Creator

Peace be with you

Park 2015


Hope lights up the Horizon

Is it not hope that lights up the horizon, I bet you Christopher Columbus would agree to that back in 1492.

I hope to witness the first men walk on Mars before my time.

I am sure my Grandfather was astounded when we walked on the moon. After all he really was born under an oil lamp with no phones, radios, and TVs , Bless His Soul.

Something to think about



Often one wants nothing more than a hug

Not a relationship, or a date ,or sex

No, just an embrace bodies entwine close and snug

The closeness and union, a bond, harm can not vex

So hug me, be human and take a dare

Life for even the confident can be hard to bare

(c) Park 2013

Lead Us, Blessed Mother

Lead us

We are lost,confused

we sit and wait , contempt to move

we hide from the dark, from the door

Frighten of our shadows, scared to call

You, Most Blessed Mother

will show us the way

Your Love , Mother comfort us

Your caring peace is so embracing

point us the door of Our Father

I pray for this oh, Mother of God

Park 2012

Fighting my ugly Prejudice

Many times in my life, I witness change

I seen and participated in desegregation

I lived through several military exchanges

And I witness the financial deregulations


I sorry to say My Lord,that during these times I failed

I let in hate and damn my fellow man

If it did not go the way I wanted ,I shouted ,I hailed

I used the ugly language that disgraced Your Plan


It was easy to say that man Is my friend

Then behind his back call him ugly

It was easy to blame the other end

Or curse them for they are more wealthy


I done this , and I am ashamed

Because If I followed my faith it would not have happened

Now I have witnessed how it hurts , the hearts it claimed

If only I would have carried my cross, it would not have happened


So every day, I must pray, I will say

Be it for the Grace , to live in this place

And not be hurtful and do misgiving

But to learn to love those that are living


Park   2012


The Diabetic Whine

I suffer from an illness that is a pain

For everything I eat , or drink will hurt me so

Some folks thinks it has to do with weight gain

But in truth , it is really about blood flow


To be a Diabetic is a pain in the ass

You stick yourself with needles all the time

And that sugar-free shit only creates gas

And the health care programs are creating a crime


If your on medicare you can get a free meter

What good is that if your not

They way I look at it they are just another peter

To rob Paul , why those whom are broke just rot


I not crying about my disease ,NO

At least I have the knowledge to fight

It up to me how much I will let go

Before I end up in the final plight


NaH it a disease that takes away a little

From time to time, without much warning I must say

It painful inside and out , the skin gets brittle

The eyes do go, your inside organs do give away


Your feet hurt, and crack and throb all the time

And your friends and family get tired of hearing you whine

It strangles your heart, and kills you liver

And bust you financial till you become an un-giver


I know the world like to talk it up

But with the additives in our food , and high cost of healthy

You begin to realize that life is corrupt

It hard to eat right unless you are wealthy



The biggest fear is not what I might lose

If be facility or which limb to keep

The thing I fear is slipping into a sleep

And never waking again, that fast it can happen

That fast you will die, one pill to many, and then


But enough of this crying boo hoo

It could be much worse you Know

I could be famous, and a total doo

And have lay were daisies grow


Park 2012