I am going to miss baseball, again


I am going to miss my baseball, again*

I was lucky enough to be born in the fifties when life was more about families, homemade pies and baseball. I remember listening to the local radio stations broadcasting the Phillies and Baltimore games. Then on Saturday and Sundays we watched the games on Television. Baseball was such a fabric of life as I grew up,you watched it , listen to it, played it and fantasized being part of it. I passed this tradition on to my girls as they grew up with the trips to the Veterans Stadium and Camden Yards.

Watching on TV, was not a closed sports package on cable ,not Major League Baseball, no we watched it on the main stream media you received by an antenna, yes sometimes the reception was poor but It was available to watch free. I didn’t have to pay for the privilege to witness the game on my TV. I was not denied the access of listening to the games from the local radio station, never in my life would I have imagine that a pre-recorded loop would instruct me to contact MLB if I want to listen to the game. The internet back in the 90s provided several sites that would broadcast and keep track of the game, even MLB was reasonable and I was a subscriber till they raised the fees. When it was possible the family would make pilgrimages to the stadiums to watch the game. We were knowledgable spectators, we knew who played first, and how good was the pitcher on the mound. It was fun because we were exposed to the National Pastime of Baseball.

Baseball is suffering from a neurotic greed. It’s really unreasonable to pay such a high cost to watch the games. MLB feels it needs to pay their players and owners such exuberant salaries. Really! Paying players so much to live a dream.  They did work hard for it and they work hard for the owners , but so does the hot dog guy who makes little more than enough to pay his modest bills work just as hard. Hot dog guys holds your life in their hands just by doing the job properly. You not going to lose your cookies by watching baseball unless you have a gambling problem, but that hot dog guy that don’t wash his hands after his constitutional will keep you on the toilet for hours , think about that.

Now MLB feels it is their right to charge what it does, and they are entitled to make a profit.  Blocked games, denying public viewing and listening unless a ransom is paid could be a bad business strategy. The future is being determined by their actions. Baseball may not be the national pastime in another decade or so. It is no longer readily available to a growing population to watch. The younger generation are gravitating to other sports like soccer, the little league parks are finding it hard to get kids interested in playing. Kids are not exposed to baseball.Seasoned baseball followers media starved from the teams they follow soon realize that the team roster and makeup are different thus a less desirable game, might as well go to a minor league game for a lot less expense. No, MLB is putting their industry out of business , slowly like a  cancer it will die. Greed erodes what is good.

I will miss baseball again, there is no reason to drive a couple of hours, spend a couple hundred including expense to watch a game with unidentifiable and unfamiliar players, a situation created because listening and watching games on the tv or radio must  be paid for. Goodbye Phillies.. Goodbye Orioles ., Hello Manchester United..

to be fair one of my friends is capable of listening to Orioles on his radio station which signal isn’t capable for my radio to pick up. my local stations play the loop that the regular scheduled event isn’t available LOL


Hope lights up the Horizon

Is it not hope that lights up the horizon, I bet you Christopher Columbus would agree to that back in 1492.

I hope to witness the first men walk on Mars before my time.

I am sure my Grandfather was astounded when we walked on the moon. After all he really was born under an oil lamp with no phones, radios, and TVs , Bless His Soul.

Something to think about


The Potty Mouth Dilemma

The Potty Mouth Dilemma


Some days our buttons are overly  pushed

It seems that every thing is  being rushed

Out of control the situations do go

And out of my mouth my sins will flow


How hard it is to hold ones breath

Utter not a word to recourse

But let the emotions flow ever so low

And put oneself so close to death


Lame is the tongue that spills such brew

One soul lies dormant and without remorse

To lash out such vile words , such language

In such useless manner ,such worthless drew


For behold it shows our true baggage

Say it not so , it ok to be crude

To use such poor words

And show how easy it is to be rude


Slang words that we choose to  make much of

That actions it so desecrates

And yet the Blasphemies

Our unsettling care , our hideous dare

Total un-love for God we spill from our lips


We leave this unchecked , ignored in public

What media has not found use or profit

What sick humor we find in the vocal slips

And then we expect our God to care


Even an atheist ,a harden unbeliever

Can not resist to use God name in vain

To whom else can they blame, or is it easier to share the shame

Than use some unrecognizable name


How hurtful , how blunt we use these phrases

Hoping to find rise, satisfaction

Planned , or not , with deliberations and crazes

It is truly an ugly distraction, worthy of Hell’s Blazes




Most of my life , my mouth was ugly

I though nothing to use the language of the potty

With age comes wisdom , or maybe really fear

So cursing is something I try to steer clear

But today I failed in a big way, and let the tongue go potty


Park 2012



We live our life  with an occasional heartache

From time to time we are forced to re-live

Many times our challenges require a re-take

And the losses we are forced to let live

At times our selfish desires cause heartbreak

Or the pain we refuse to forgive

Without effort ,without piety our souls we forsake

Believe in mercy for it is for God to give

For not to try would be a mistake

After all we have one life to live

We should not live it half baked

Just let our souls run those mistakes through the sieve

Park 2012


Let us learn from them

Mistakes are beneficial

When eyes are open

Park 2012

To Me MoM

To Me MoM

It been a year ago today

that the Lord did take you away

I sure he had some things for you to do

and as always ,I know you will think it through

I sorry you’re not here with me

to laugh ,and tell me how things would be

I sadden that we must grow

and miss so much as I did sow

You are strong and determined Lass

if seen it as you put down an ass

time and time did I try to get over you

like a stupid kid is supposed to do

But without fail you sit in silence

till it was time to shake my highness

and put me where I did belong

reverent , respectful with a heart filled of song

I miss you me mom , I really do

and when it time I hope God lets me through

So I can hug and kiss you all I can

and tell you I am your little loving man

Park 11

Love you MoM

What says the news my friend

What says the news my friend



What says the news my friend

will it tell of glories,or sad ends

will it proclaim good fortune for us

or just tell us we missed the bus


How says the news do you care

is the market,bull or Bear

are the stocks worth much today

is the futures on cash, treasury Bonds Ok


How about the Political scene

are the Republicans able to wean

off the Tea party call for change

or is the Democrats in trouble again


What tragic moment in time

should we not expect an increase in crime

foreclosures abundant ,no solution in sight

nor does anyone care, it isn’t right


We bailed out the banks, who cashed in their bonus

and watch the flights roll out of Dallas

Gm and Chrysler did put out their hand

and their union sold out their plan


You money is safe says the Economic Scholar

Invest in me Wall Street Hollers

You not regret it , you really won’t

cause we can catch the next boat


Invest in our youth we did not do

Our schools will suffer with the economic gloom

It was with learning that made this country great

and we set it aside , to pay off debt and gain weight


Is our wars going well my dear friend

Our we still dying in the world far end

We send good people some to young or to old

and ask them to die , and be strong and bold


What plans do we have for all those broken dreams

dead men and women , and children screams

will they get cheated at what is due

because some politician needs to rule


What news my friends of the weather today

it sounds kind of strange on this summer day

to hot to handle ,especially in the fields

where our food is growing ,we need our yields


What news my friend is their today

is any of it positive, good people would say

Does it show any Love, and caring of You

or is it how someone ,may sue too


What celebrity who thinks they can say

what we should do and how we should play

and those who follow just have no sense

or they are lost , and forgetting the past tense


I don’t know what lies ahead of us tomorrow

I pray not sadness and of sorrow

I sure it will be much of the same

and everyone looking for someone to blame



Park 11



What is the plan, I can,I can

What is the plan, I can , I can  

What is the plan, I need to know

is it a path or a place to go

will I know it by sight

will it be to my left or my right

What is the plan , I must follow

is it of quite or is it a Holler

will I see results that are easy to see

or will it be hard ,as the Northern Sea

What is the plan, Is it a must

will I follow it till I turn to dust

Have I missed the flight , the voyage to be

or has the bus not yet pulled up in front of me

What is the plan I really must know

I need it to get ready to sow

to prepare and get ready to fulfill the quest

and to make sure i can do my best

What is the plan ,I can I can

I can do it if you hold my hand

I can do your will if it is Your Will

and when I done will you take me up the Hill

Through Love and grace that been given to me

and wisdom and events that made me see

that Life is a right , that has been given yes

confused as I may be , I must confess

The plan that was given to You and others

should not be be considered  much of a bother

It should be reverend and profess as best

And leave it to You,God to do the Rest

Park 11