Hope lights up the Horizon

Is it not hope that lights up the horizon, I bet you Christopher Columbus would agree to that back in 1492.

I hope to witness the first men walk on Mars before my time.

I am sure my Grandfather was astounded when we walked on the moon. After all he really was born under an oil lamp with no phones, radios, and TVs , Bless His Soul.

Something to think about





We live our life  with an occasional heartache

From time to time we are forced to re-live

Many times our challenges require a re-take

And the losses we are forced to let live

At times our selfish desires cause heartbreak

Or the pain we refuse to forgive

Without effort ,without piety our souls we forsake

Believe in mercy for it is for God to give

For not to try would be a mistake

After all we have one life to live

We should not live it half baked

Just let our souls run those mistakes through the sieve

Park 2012


Let us learn from them

Mistakes are beneficial

When eyes are open

Park 2012