Little Help from God and a big smile

This week has been a dark week, A friend of mine is going thru a tragic loss, here on the home front as well some dark news . My mood has been very somber, I don’t like witnessing my family, and friends going through events that are unchangeable. Iliked to consider myself the fixit man, if there was a way I could make it happen, not always up to code but it would get through , Not lately . So I been very deep this week, I was going to be in a reflective mode because of Lent, but this week has made it much more than reflective .

Ever wonder How God helps in times like these?

I sure everyone has their Ideas, or opinion . Let me tell you what happen today that make me feel that He is around .

I have a pair of sweatpants that have a tear right at the hip pocket opening, so when I put a remote in that pocket , it must have slid down my leg and settled down at the ankle tie, I did not feel it. So when I wanted to turn the channel I could not find the remote , Having a three year old in my charge and when I could not find it where I was sitting , I assumed she went off with it . So I proceed to tear the house apart looking for this remote. I am so proud of myself for not getting testy with the three year old but I was at a total loss at what happen to this piggybacking remote . I even went through the trash with the soiled diapers and nasty garbage thinking it might have made it way there, For three hours I traced and retraced my moves, turn over the furniture all while this three year old was wondering what was pop-pop up to. Finally, I needed to tie my shoe and when I placed my foot on the stool to tie my shoes , I noticed the bulge at my ankle, feeling the remote tucked so nicely on my inside ankle where the sweat paints are drawn closed . I busted out in this crazed filled laughter , I must of laughed for ten minutes to the point that my side started to hurt . I so need that laughter and so verbally thanked God for this . Some might argue with me about God not having anything to do with my humorous discovery , I would beg to differ. If you could see this old pop-pop going crazy looking for something that was with him the whole time you would understand, it had me thinking of the old”Smokey and the Bandit” movies where Sheriff P Coaltrain would come out of the bathroom with the toilet paper following him .  I needed a break, a moment of joy in a very gloomy time, I believe God is capable of helping us find Joy, Thanks be to God .


The Fight to regain my footing

June 15, 2011

The fight to regain my footing

For a few weeks now it seem that my normal pattern of living  is no longer a  pattern.

Wake up, write in the journal, which really is a prayer book.Look up the days homily and read  Scriptures and try to  pray the Rosary, While praying the Rosary, walk the treadmill . It usually would be almost a mile by the time the whole Rosary was completed . The Children would show up and much of my task than where limited to  house work and teaching the kids through playing or instruction, In no time it was the end of the day and time for sleep and the beginning or the next days cycle.

Not so anymore, rise late, grouble for coffee. if remembered enter a prayer in journal ,no walk on the treadmill, stuff hangs and covers it. Rosary if started is never made past second mystery before interrupted by kids or sleep returns without warning. A most annoying situation

What is noticed, I reach for the keyboard not to contribute to my blog or check on the news, It is Facebook that is center of the screen. Search to see who has something to say, who acknowledges something that was posted , who is there or not there. it consumes the morning . It taken the prayers from my lips,and given me an attitude that spills over on the kids. Leave me alone, can’t you see i am doing something. It consumes them as well.

I not going to quit Facebook cause it has a grip on  my day, no that not solving the problem at all. I going to find my footing and get back into the groove that I was in. Control the day and accept that patterns are just patterns and the stitches sometimes have to be re-stitched. Facebook is going to help me as well , those that care will understand and be there when I show and when I not they will know , a pattern is in reconstruction.