I am going to miss baseball, again


I am going to miss my baseball, again*

I was lucky enough to be born in the fifties when life was more about families, homemade pies and baseball. I remember listening to the local radio stations broadcasting the Phillies and Baltimore games. Then on Saturday and Sundays we watched the games on Television. Baseball was such a fabric of life as I grew up,you watched it , listen to it, played it and fantasized being part of it. I passed this tradition on to my girls as they grew up with the trips to the Veterans Stadium and Camden Yards.

Watching on TV, was not a closed sports package on cable ,not Major League Baseball, no we watched it on the main stream media you received by an antenna, yes sometimes the reception was poor but It was available to watch free. I didn’t have to pay for the privilege to witness the game on my TV. I was not denied the access of listening to the games from the local radio station, never in my life would I have imagine that a pre-recorded loop would instruct me to contact MLB if I want to listen to the game. The internet back in the 90s provided several sites that would broadcast and keep track of the game, even MLB was reasonable and I was a subscriber till they raised the fees. When it was possible the family would make pilgrimages to the stadiums to watch the game. We were knowledgable spectators, we knew who played first, and how good was the pitcher on the mound. It was fun because we were exposed to the National Pastime of Baseball.

Baseball is suffering from a neurotic greed. It’s really unreasonable to pay such a high cost to watch the games. MLB feels it needs to pay their players and owners such exuberant salaries. Really! Paying players so much to live a dream.  They did work hard for it and they work hard for the owners , but so does the hot dog guy who makes little more than enough to pay his modest bills work just as hard. Hot dog guys holds your life in their hands just by doing the job properly. You not going to lose your cookies by watching baseball unless you have a gambling problem, but that hot dog guy that don’t wash his hands after his constitutional will keep you on the toilet for hours , think about that.

Now MLB feels it is their right to charge what it does, and they are entitled to make a profit.  Blocked games, denying public viewing and listening unless a ransom is paid could be a bad business strategy. The future is being determined by their actions. Baseball may not be the national pastime in another decade or so. It is no longer readily available to a growing population to watch. The younger generation are gravitating to other sports like soccer, the little league parks are finding it hard to get kids interested in playing. Kids are not exposed to baseball.Seasoned baseball followers media starved from the teams they follow soon realize that the team roster and makeup are different thus a less desirable game, might as well go to a minor league game for a lot less expense. No, MLB is putting their industry out of business , slowly like a  cancer it will die. Greed erodes what is good.

I will miss baseball again, there is no reason to drive a couple of hours, spend a couple hundred including expense to watch a game with unidentifiable and unfamiliar players, a situation created because listening and watching games on the tv or radio must  be paid for. Goodbye Phillies.. Goodbye Orioles ., Hello Manchester United..

to be fair one of my friends is capable of listening to Orioles on his radio station which signal isn’t capable for my radio to pick up. my local stations play the loop that the regular scheduled event isn’t available LOL


Hope lights up the Horizon

Is it not hope that lights up the horizon, I bet you Christopher Columbus would agree to that back in 1492.

I hope to witness the first men walk on Mars before my time.

I am sure my Grandfather was astounded when we walked on the moon. After all he really was born under an oil lamp with no phones, radios, and TVs , Bless His Soul.

Something to think about


Little Help from God and a big smile

This week has been a dark week, A friend of mine is going thru a tragic loss, here on the home front as well some dark news . My mood has been very somber, I don’t like witnessing my family, and friends going through events that are unchangeable. Iliked to consider myself the fixit man, if there was a way I could make it happen, not always up to code but it would get through , Not lately . So I been very deep this week, I was going to be in a reflective mode because of Lent, but this week has made it much more than reflective .

Ever wonder How God helps in times like these?

I sure everyone has their Ideas, or opinion . Let me tell you what happen today that make me feel that He is around .

I have a pair of sweatpants that have a tear right at the hip pocket opening, so when I put a remote in that pocket , it must have slid down my leg and settled down at the ankle tie, I did not feel it. So when I wanted to turn the channel I could not find the remote , Having a three year old in my charge and when I could not find it where I was sitting , I assumed she went off with it . So I proceed to tear the house apart looking for this remote. I am so proud of myself for not getting testy with the three year old but I was at a total loss at what happen to this piggybacking remote . I even went through the trash with the soiled diapers and nasty garbage thinking it might have made it way there, For three hours I traced and retraced my moves, turn over the furniture all while this three year old was wondering what was pop-pop up to. Finally, I needed to tie my shoe and when I placed my foot on the stool to tie my shoes , I noticed the bulge at my ankle, feeling the remote tucked so nicely on my inside ankle where the sweat paints are drawn closed . I busted out in this crazed filled laughter , I must of laughed for ten minutes to the point that my side started to hurt . I so need that laughter and so verbally thanked God for this . Some might argue with me about God not having anything to do with my humorous discovery , I would beg to differ. If you could see this old pop-pop going crazy looking for something that was with him the whole time you would understand, it had me thinking of the old”Smokey and the Bandit” movies where Sheriff P Coaltrain would come out of the bathroom with the toilet paper following him .  I needed a break, a moment of joy in a very gloomy time, I believe God is capable of helping us find Joy, Thanks be to God .

Fighting my ugly Prejudice

Many times in my life, I witness change

I seen and participated in desegregation

I lived through several military exchanges

And I witness the financial deregulations


I sorry to say My Lord,that during these times I failed

I let in hate and damn my fellow man

If it did not go the way I wanted ,I shouted ,I hailed

I used the ugly language that disgraced Your Plan


It was easy to say that man Is my friend

Then behind his back call him ugly

It was easy to blame the other end

Or curse them for they are more wealthy


I done this , and I am ashamed

Because If I followed my faith it would not have happened

Now I have witnessed how it hurts , the hearts it claimed

If only I would have carried my cross, it would not have happened


So every day, I must pray, I will say

Be it for the Grace , to live in this place

And not be hurtful and do misgiving

But to learn to love those that are living


Park   2012


The Diabetic Whine

I suffer from an illness that is a pain

For everything I eat , or drink will hurt me so

Some folks thinks it has to do with weight gain

But in truth , it is really about blood flow


To be a Diabetic is a pain in the ass

You stick yourself with needles all the time

And that sugar-free shit only creates gas

And the health care programs are creating a crime


If your on medicare you can get a free meter

What good is that if your not

They way I look at it they are just another peter

To rob Paul , why those whom are broke just rot


I not crying about my disease ,NO

At least I have the knowledge to fight

It up to me how much I will let go

Before I end up in the final plight


NaH it a disease that takes away a little

From time to time, without much warning I must say

It painful inside and out , the skin gets brittle

The eyes do go, your inside organs do give away


Your feet hurt, and crack and throb all the time

And your friends and family get tired of hearing you whine

It strangles your heart, and kills you liver

And bust you financial till you become an un-giver


I know the world like to talk it up

But with the additives in our food , and high cost of healthy

You begin to realize that life is corrupt

It hard to eat right unless you are wealthy



The biggest fear is not what I might lose

If be facility or which limb to keep

The thing I fear is slipping into a sleep

And never waking again, that fast it can happen

That fast you will die, one pill to many, and then


But enough of this crying boo hoo

It could be much worse you Know

I could be famous, and a total doo

And have lay were daisies grow


Park 2012

The Potty Mouth Dilemma

The Potty Mouth Dilemma


Some days our buttons are overly  pushed

It seems that every thing is  being rushed

Out of control the situations do go

And out of my mouth my sins will flow


How hard it is to hold ones breath

Utter not a word to recourse

But let the emotions flow ever so low

And put oneself so close to death


Lame is the tongue that spills such brew

One soul lies dormant and without remorse

To lash out such vile words , such language

In such useless manner ,such worthless drew


For behold it shows our true baggage

Say it not so , it ok to be crude

To use such poor words

And show how easy it is to be rude


Slang words that we choose to  make much of

That actions it so desecrates

And yet the Blasphemies

Our unsettling care , our hideous dare

Total un-love for God we spill from our lips


We leave this unchecked , ignored in public

What media has not found use or profit

What sick humor we find in the vocal slips

And then we expect our God to care


Even an atheist ,a harden unbeliever

Can not resist to use God name in vain

To whom else can they blame, or is it easier to share the shame

Than use some unrecognizable name


How hurtful , how blunt we use these phrases

Hoping to find rise, satisfaction

Planned , or not , with deliberations and crazes

It is truly an ugly distraction, worthy of Hell’s Blazes




Most of my life , my mouth was ugly

I though nothing to use the language of the potty

With age comes wisdom , or maybe really fear

So cursing is something I try to steer clear

But today I failed in a big way, and let the tongue go potty


Park 2012