I am nothing but behavior

I am nothing but a speck of dust in a universe that is infinite

I control nothing but my behavior

I can fool myself to believe I am in control of my destiny

I am not, my behavior may make it possible to achieve, arrive at a desired destination

I still have no guarantee that I will accomplish and attain this focal point

I must acknowledge to myself and the universe that I have little control at all

I have nothing but my behavior, it is my rock, foundation

It is formed by my belief system as is yours

It is molded by the examples of other souls, pre-experienced and caring

It is truth, words are nothing without the demonstration supported by behavior

It defines my soul, allows me to co-habitat with other souls

It provides strength when It is most needed and solace when I am sick

I have no control of illness but my behavior may invite certain physical calamities

I haven’t the control on my prosperity as I would like to believe, poor behavior will destroy but good intentions and wishful investing can as well

I must accept that my behavior will define my character, show my true worth

I am nothing in the grand scheme of the universe except to those whom wish to open up for me

I am nothing but love, wrapped in behavior, I was formed because of love, I was designed by love and it is only by my behavior that I can honor My God , Parents, My Spouse, My Children ,My Grandchildren and friendships that have molded my journey.

I am my behavior, the flesh will some day dissolve, and if I talked about after I am taken it will be about my behavior, my love and everything else formed by my free will which is behavior granted by my Creator

Peace be with you

Park 2015


A January Reflection ,Callous

Callous, an ugly word isn’t it. It is a bitter pill to realize that throughout a life it is easy to  manage to be indifferent, insensitive to others around. My callousness developed as a kid, having to adopt from one uncomfortable situation to another. No my life was not one of hardship, destitute and abuse, it was of typical working class folks , raised with Love and discipline. I just seem to always have problems that would set me apart. My callousness however is never justifiable whatever rationalization I would like to formulate. I show a touch of my callousness in a Blog post https://parkgang.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/i-wonder-what-happen-to-her/. I am without a doubt at times callous, often I pray that I can repent and become more compassionate and brave. I can not toss a stone,this being said the world around is also in the same pickle.

I believe today society has become sterile, with all the information thrown at us by the media.Moral values have been tarnished and redefined. Tolerance has become often a simile for acceptance,which it is not. Entertainment on the Television is brutal, morbid and far from the wholesome shows of its earlier years.  So instructed and expected to live in world where thin is mandatory , promiscuous behavior is expected almost merit badge worthy. When times require us  to  pull together for the good of our fellowmen ,it not long before reports of corruption and mismanagement of the people’s trust surfaces. Often in my community those in need, suffer isolation and harassment. The normalization of rude, disruptive and frankly stupid behavior with the blessings of the networks, and the communities that seem to profit by it , is a cancer . It truly is.

I question How could the tragedy at Sandy Point Elementary School happen, the Shooting in Colorado and the many others? Lets assume banning guns will help. Yes, many guns that are available should not be, but guns will always be available through other means of marketing; until something more lethal comes along this is a Fact. Is it possible to Remove the Callous attitude that fosters the evil and ugly actions? Stop training these misguided and hateful souls on mainstream TV at least. Introduce the Value of a good life, one of true compassion , intelligent and healthy living based on a desire to want to be better . Learn to trust God, we did not make it this far because we were all capable. No time after time His Grace, the lessons we learned from the Gospels and Holy Words have guided us, framed a picture of goodness, influence our moral constitutions and given us a path. It is all ours if we want it.



Little Help from God and a big smile

This week has been a dark week, A friend of mine is going thru a tragic loss, here on the home front as well some dark news . My mood has been very somber, I don’t like witnessing my family, and friends going through events that are unchangeable. Iliked to consider myself the fixit man, if there was a way I could make it happen, not always up to code but it would get through , Not lately . So I been very deep this week, I was going to be in a reflective mode because of Lent, but this week has made it much more than reflective .

Ever wonder How God helps in times like these?

I sure everyone has their Ideas, or opinion . Let me tell you what happen today that make me feel that He is around .

I have a pair of sweatpants that have a tear right at the hip pocket opening, so when I put a remote in that pocket , it must have slid down my leg and settled down at the ankle tie, I did not feel it. So when I wanted to turn the channel I could not find the remote , Having a three year old in my charge and when I could not find it where I was sitting , I assumed she went off with it . So I proceed to tear the house apart looking for this remote. I am so proud of myself for not getting testy with the three year old but I was at a total loss at what happen to this piggybacking remote . I even went through the trash with the soiled diapers and nasty garbage thinking it might have made it way there, For three hours I traced and retraced my moves, turn over the furniture all while this three year old was wondering what was pop-pop up to. Finally, I needed to tie my shoe and when I placed my foot on the stool to tie my shoes , I noticed the bulge at my ankle, feeling the remote tucked so nicely on my inside ankle where the sweat paints are drawn closed . I busted out in this crazed filled laughter , I must of laughed for ten minutes to the point that my side started to hurt . I so need that laughter and so verbally thanked God for this . Some might argue with me about God not having anything to do with my humorous discovery , I would beg to differ. If you could see this old pop-pop going crazy looking for something that was with him the whole time you would understand, it had me thinking of the old”Smokey and the Bandit” movies where Sheriff P Coaltrain would come out of the bathroom with the toilet paper following him .  I needed a break, a moment of joy in a very gloomy time, I believe God is capable of helping us find Joy, Thanks be to God .

Prayer to Mary, Mother of God

Prayer to Mary

Mary, our Mother of Love

You Who will show us our way

without You there would be no Hope

without you our salvation would be impossible

Woman most Blessed, child of Israel

You ,Who are most brave,most strong

most loving, Child of God

Mary ,Who carried the Seed of Most High

Mother ,Whom bears the most pain

Partner in Christ,Our Lord

Through Your example our way is shown

Through Your Love , we will grow

Hold our spirits and pray for us

guide our every step. teach us to be humble

Show us how to ask for mercy

Your most Sacred Heart,our Model of Love

Hold us,embrace us

Mother of Jesus Christ

we Love You

Mother of us

we Love You

wait for us Mother

come for us Mother

We praise You , Holy Mary Mother of God

most Blessed of All Women

Park 2009 

My heart aches for You,Most Blessed Mother


My heart aches for You,Most Blessed Mother

Most Holy Daughter of God

Woman, whom brought Salvation to the world

Your Birth of Christ whom open the doors of Heaven

Many stand on the cliff of ignorance for they do not know

To Pray to YOU, Most Blessed Mother is to Honor Jesus

Do they not acknowledge that a mothers love, brings life

No matter how dark, the newborn search for her touch,her nourishment

And yet many have turned their faces away from You, Mother

Have patience with us Most Blessed

Your Son , with is finally breathes spoke of our lost ways

Many do not know what they do, only with the Help of God, and intercession

Can we come fully into His Grace ,Mother

Find the glimmer of true Love we have in our hearts

Nourish our soul , feed us with Your Immaculate Love

Lead us to the halls of Truth

Use us for His good, Your Son and for Our Father

Mary, Most Blessed ,pray for us


Park 2012

Lead Us, Blessed Mother

Lead us

We are lost,confused

we sit and wait , contempt to move

we hide from the dark, from the door

Frighten of our shadows, scared to call

You, Most Blessed Mother

will show us the way

Your Love , Mother comfort us

Your caring peace is so embracing

point us the door of Our Father

I pray for this oh, Mother of God

Park 2012