The man in the Blue Pants


The Man in the Blue Pants

Quiet, dormant his demeanor is mellow

Exhaustion invokes it’s power on this fellow

Ignoring deliberately those he known to be intimate 

Totally unconscious of the surrounding environment

He will guilefully arrange his body in recline

Leaving very little obvious left of him to define

This person is to enervated for other’s rants

He just the man that lives here who wears blue pants 

How time cheats us out of those prime times

For surviving leaves little left for other crimes

Work, eat and sleep is this fellows agenda

In truth he really is a cuddly panda 



About the man in the blue pants


The other day one of my daughters was talking to my wife about her early childhood. The only memory of dad, me, was that I was the man that lived in the house with the blue pants. The blue pants was part of my required uniform at the time. I would come home, eat then either fall asleep in the chair or retired to bed.It wasn’t till my lay off when her teenage years arrived that we became acquainted. It was a shame that during my daughters early formative years my career was so consuming. Watching my children    juggle their careers and raising their children I often find it disheartening, sad and familiar. 

taken from notes from my journal May/2007 




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