I Climb this Rock



I Climb this Rock


Without regard to stature or Stock


With total reverence to the flock 


Each breath and spasm my hands will lock 


Around this massive uninviting rock


I Climb this Rock


It is my burden I bare 


 The Effort is not of whim or dare


My eyes are wide open, deep in cautious stare


Each painful step calls for utmost care


I Climb, I climb this Rock 


Despite the uncertainly and  upheaval


Filled with heartless acts which are Medieval


Among the harden hearts with the demeanor of a weasel 


I will Climb this Rock


Despite my body and soul continuing to be thrashed


The Critics tongues with ugly venom that constantly lashed 


Like a poison that irritates and leaves a rash


Without choice I will Climb this Rock


Hard and Cold like unbridle lust


It leaves a taste, metallic like ancient rust


Slip I can’t: A fall would be bust


My soul, my life would be all but worthless dust


Yet still I must climb this Rock


The Rock isn’t found in this world, this place


It has more than one name, often a distinguishable face


It’s a rock that is known by the Human Race


It must be navigated and done in ones own pace


I must climb this Rock


Not of Iron, or granite or Pyrargyrite


Nor of formulas, equations of finite 


For at this crest I will find a brilliant light


The truth will be disclosed, and the end of my night


When I finish this Climb of this Rock 


This Rock of Life I will Climb


This Rock of Life I will traverse


This Rock of Life will be mine


This Rock of Life the Universe 


© Park 2013


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