Skiff or Life





Often Our lives are like the skiff upon the rocks


It bumps and grinds wearing itself down


Like our souls it’s salvation depends on its locks


The structure within that was built on designs that are sound



Each wave carries the possibility of doom or freedom


The unknown in each lapping breaker


Will it be one of a glorious magnificence kingdom 


Or will it be that of a home wrecker



How dark the water can be in a storm


A stew of melted gloom


Hot or cold, frigid or warm


Like emotions stirred in a tossed about room



In such moments we look for a light 


A chance for a new beginning


Hope, and faith and the good fight


This skiff is looking for a port for the winning 



O sea you teem of life


Full of challenges and much rewards


Let me win against the hardship of life


Cut me from these rocks with your mighty swords 


© Park 2013

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