Billy Goat Greed



Ever watch a Billy goat, they don’t share their food be damn


If one  perceived to have more a noise come from their throat


Aligned themselves with those horns and precede to ram


Yes, that what they do, I kid you not for this I wrote


Watching this it occurred to me


 We are no different too


Find some money and watch others impose a fee


To take what should belong to you


Why is it that nature suffers with greed


Is it so hard for the world to share


There is really enough to cover everyones need


Without forcing hardship on others to bare


Watching these Billy goats head collide


I wonder their head would get hurt real bad


Like the feeling after you been scammed, taken for a ride


That sick feeling left inside after you been had


As for the Billy goat and man there is no excuse for this


In truth in the end when we leave this earth we leave with nothing more than a hiss 


© Park 2013 


Inspired while visiting my Nephews and Brother in law watching their nanny goats fight over some leaves, amazing what we learn by watching nature, had a great time that night   Park


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