The Deposition



The Deposition 


Slowly the decent, His body battered so viciously attacked


Darkness of man’s soul, such hate evil does attract 


With the chaos of sin, the confusion of sinner’s senses 


Greed, to win, maneuvering of self-centered priorities, selfish fences


Struggle upright, not to release let go or drop


Strain through the pain and suffering, please mercifully stop


Since time began till this very moment


Pride, arrogance, disdain, intolerance, without atonement 


Without a tear, or shame 


Many refused to speak His Name


Even with the knowledge, with witness and truth


Faith today is considered a weakness, a character aloof


It is this reason, His Love and Care


He died on that Cross, sins He did bare


This Abused Christ, This  Sacrificial Lamb


Removed from the Cross, His Death for the Damn 


Read this poem again and again


Can you sense how it might have been to remove from the Cross this God, this Man


Let not the darkness of man’s soul cause us to take flight


Look toward that Cross, This Christ, Our Saving Light 


© Park 2013


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