The Freeloader’s Song





Lately I hear “Let’s rid ourselves of the Freeloaders”


The helpless, lazy, won’t work free pass holders


I ponder so with this definition 


I not sure many have the right information 


No No, truly not


It’s not the  poor, homeless, and social rot 




Perhaps the freeloader is the one whom is wealthy


The one thats dumps large sums of  money so they can seem healthy


Yet will turn and scoff at the oversize and unattractive one


The one whom can’t afford the Overpriced coffee and sweet bun



It’s the one whom seems to get all the breaks


The one whom forgot who put up their stakes 


You know the ones that did it all by them selves,  all alone 


The car, jewels, money and fine home


Forgetting the previous guidance, love and care


Spared of much suffering, and hardship the others did bare




Don’t dare insult the soul whom struggles to feed their child


Not when so many don’t have time for theirs because we want to run wild


How noble is that parent who raises their kid


With limited assets, much love and their tears hid



So many have what’s a freeloader so wrong


They truly have forgotten that Christian song 


“Take care of your brother, help him with his needs”


Prostrate and pray free loader so that God’s Love intercedes


If you can’t share and care don’t say a word


Just go and hide in the comfort and pretend you have’t heard 


Those whom suffer and carry social shame 


Just because they so extended from popularity and fame


They not the freeloaders, they really can’t be 


Because God’s entrusted them with the burdens that the lucky ones don’t see


They carry their cross with care and remorse


Their poverty and crimes is everyones entertainment media source 


I warn you now, You might not like what you just read


Think about Jesus Christ before You go to bed


Christ did wander, and roam did He not


And hung out with then an unsavory lot 


Would you call Him a freeloader and jeer in His face


Realize Christ has a Your card and Your place  



© Park 2013 






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