Through the gates of Jerusalem




Through the gates of Jerusalem


  Ride my Lord, Redeemer, Dear King 


Galilean carpenter, such a humble man


 The Son of God the Angels in Bethlehem did sing


Crowds pressed tightly to catch even a glance


  To behold the view of You, the man called Jesus Christ


Unknown to them soon evil will thrust You with a lance 


  For many of them whom praise, Satan will heist 


Spreading their cloaks, surrounding You with Palm


  “Glory to You Our Salvation ‘


“Praise to You Our Human Song” 


  “You are the King of every nation”


Two thousand years since that spring day


  So many martyrs, believers did follow


 So each man, woman and child can learn to pray


  Giving thanks that Your Death was for our sorrow 


Hosanna, Our God has entered!


© Park 2013



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