Walk,Build, and Confess, words by Pope Francis I

Walk, Build, and Confess 


Listening to the first Homily of Pope Francis these three words he built his message on. So much hope are in these words. So simple yet so hard for us to fill. Now days we all expect to hear magical words, to hear what we want to hear. So many are looking for change, looking for compromise to accommodate what we feel is important. Many feel the Church should walk towards a new age, It should permit what is forbidden, incorperate exceptions to His Will which has been forbidden since our very beginning. The Church cannot change, restructure for the sake of pleasing society. It must walk the path of Christ, the same path for the past two thousand years. Much of our path began with Abraham’s walk with God.  To alter the Church direction, would be disobedience to God, a betrayal to all those whom walk with God. I don’t see the kind of changes the media, and special interest groups are looking for. What I do feel is going to happen is a confirmation of Faith, a renewal of the truth, a realignment of that walk with God. 

Pope Francis talked about the building of our faith, using the example of children building sandcastles, showing us without a good foundation, a good structure it is vulnerable to disaster. It is so true without proper structure, without a true keystone a keystone of Faith, disaster is pending. The Church with all its human conditions, failures by the humans that work within the Church. Our failed Priest, the Scandals. The inability to address the failures has caused structural damage, not foundational damage but absolutely has cracked the walls. The Church challenge is to protect the foundation, build the Church from that foundation and make it the refuge, the house that  attracts the souls yearning for God. It must clean up, and open the banquet that was promised by Christ, the banquet Christ died on the Cross for. It is also true that the followers, the members also build, from their modest beginning. Catholics must build through our families, follow the Scriptures, the dogma of the Church. We cannot pick and choose what pleases us, but must honor what God wants. Christ did not Die on the Cross so we can roam and do as we please, sin away our soul, expecting a free pass. No, we must build our relationship with Christ and if you are a Catholic then within the Catechism we committed to. 

Confess our faith, carry our Cross. At first this use of the word confess confused me. Then it clicked. We must Admit to our Catholicism. We must declare our failures, and our allegiance to Christ and His Cross. We must let go of our Arrogance admit and admit we need Christ, then we must Repent. We must pickup our own cross, carry our burdens for the good of all we Love. We must stop putting ourselves in front, learn to serve, to give and to Love. It is all truly related, we must walk, we must build and we must confess. 

May God Almighty, His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit Bless, protect and guide Pope Francis I as he walks with us, builds with us and teaches us to Confess our Faith, Amen 




Ps: This is my take on Pope Francis’s Homily, I am neither a scholar, clergy but just a Catholic who struggles everyday in every way. My ears are open and my thought process is enlighten in the fact that I can learn, grow and desire God’s Love


2 thoughts on “Walk,Build, and Confess, words by Pope Francis I

  1. This is beautiful. I love this, Gene. There were so many criticisms yesterday and the only way to God, to really get to God, is through love. Beautifully stated. May Pope Francis be blessed.

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