Three Dogs and a Fool



Three dogs and a fool

Waiting for the end of the day

Each surrounding the lonely stool

Taking a nap instead of working at play


Often the closeness is overwhelming

Each jockeying for prime real estate 

All confused, with noisy yelling 

For only the top dog can rate


Just when the top dog thinks he in control

These dogs begin to roll and bark

You think the little things had a saintly soul

Till they run in your house like their in the park


Truly not so bad, for it would be much worse 

For loneliness is a burden hard to carry

Singularity will put your soul in a hearse 

A future I would say many should be wary


Yes, these three dogs and a fool

They are something to watch for sure

You can use them as a tool

That just might make it easy for that next door


© Park 2013


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