Cloudy Mood

Heavy does the clouds hang in the sky

Gray,misty,dark and drab 

Is it the world that causing them to cry

As with the emotion of a granite slab 



Did  the austerity of hope dash the light

Does the dreams of man strangle the truths

The effort to discern what is wrong or right

Is it candy coated by media laden blue tooths


Is our sky reflective of our moods

Do we through anger create this Atmosphere 

Perhaps, It is. Often professed by Ancient Druids 

For one thing for sure, it creates lots of fear 


The rain renews, nourish and quenches our thirst

For without the rain, we dry our and wither

Then I say this mood shall not be for the worst

For fortune and truth will come hither 


Cleanse us, with this gift, Oh God

Part the clouds, enlighten our resolve 

Let the foolishness of man fall under your rod

For the future, now must be solved 


Let this storm pass, Let it be Your Will

Remove this confusion and Chaos and sin

Not at the expense of the innocent and the ill

For only doing what is right and good can we win



(c)Park 2013


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