Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Very InspiringBlogger Award


Thank You Shellakers for nominating me. I find your blog “And That’s All She Wrote!” , To be very inspiring and full of life. I truly enjoy to touch of Family Life , your approach and observations and experiences that both enlighten and educate, thanks for that.

I strongly recommend reading Shellakersblog, I feel you find it well worth the read. This Award has some requirements and I hope you will take the time to participate and pass this along for those whom Inspire and motivate you to blog, share and live perhaps with a better understanding of life and those we share this world with .

  1. Post a picture of the Award
  2. Link back to the person whom nominated you
  3. Share 8 facts about yourself ( which I find somewhat a challenge , that is me)
  4. Nominate those bloggers that have touched you in a moving way
  5. Explore and Enjoy the communion of talent and knowledge that is ever present

Now my 8 facts

My Name is Eugene Rex Park , which means (Greek/ Old English) Noble born , King, Keeper of the Kings land .

I worked in a family business for 40 years. No retirement for failed businesses

I had a stroke at age 43, and been fighting Diabetes 15 years. And it is a fight

I was married before my 18th birthday ,and still to same wonderful girlfriend

I love the Ocean, swimming and use to surf in my less delicate years

I have enjoyed painting in watercolor and oils, but find it more rewarding seeing my grand daughters win awards in their art works, they are really good

I love the Ballet and watching grand daughters and nieces dance in their many recitals

I am a Catholic.

I suppose I could mention a few other things about myself, but rules are rules you will just have to read more of me as time goes on

Now it time for the Awardees

I find it rewarding to read and to be read by such incredible people. May we all find pleasure in our talents, and the Joy that comes when others show their approval.


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