My Saving Rosary !!!


My Saving Rosary 

Each bead a prayer of Love

Each Decade a mystery

Each prayer a call to above

Please mercy for our misery

A call to Christ

Through Mary’s Love

Starting at His Cross

Guarded by the Spirits Dove

Our Father who art in Heaven

Hail Mary full of grace

Glory be to the Holy Spirit

Oh my Jesus forgive us for our sins

Thanksgiving , and praise

A call for grace

For our hearts it will raise

Each prayer is a place

Pray for those in need

Pray for those you care

Pray that we learn to heed

Pray to strength to bare

Oh Mary your instrument of Hope

You Love for us is immeasurable

Each day you help me cope

And make me more capable

Each bead a step closer to heaven

Each Mystery more understanding

Each prayer a sin forgiven

Each a love ever so demanding

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