SuperBowl Madness

I totally enjoyed the Super Bowl game last night, I totally was disappointed with everything that surrounded the game. I am convinced that our networks, and entertainment community has totally lost any sense of Class.  We have totally loss the art of being a Class act. We have totally lost the idea of considering the total audience, especially on what was once considered a family form of entertainment. 

The Half time show, I think Beyonce is a great singer and without a doubt talented dancer, but why do the performers have to dress in lets see if their breast are going to pop out, and expose as much as possible costumes. The outfits look so uncomfortable. They remind me some of the outfits you would see in displays for the X-rated movies in the 70s that where at the drive inn theater that was behind where I lived. Now some would say Ballet costumes are just as revealing and they would be dead on. But I never been to a Ballet where most of the movements had to do with pelvic motion. Perhaps they should have the Metropolitan Ballet preform at the Next SuperBowl. I am sure some could pick this apart but the Super Bowl Game use to be a family oriented entertainment, sit on the couch with a couple of young grandsons and watch their faces as the gyrations goes on. Why are we in such a hurry to sexual educate everyone, is it because we found a way to get rid of our mistakes so easily now days? Prudence had some value once. It had its purpose.

Now lets turn to the commercials next. You watching two grown people making out with all the noise and primal motions is just plain gross. Then to take it a step further by having two unlikely participants as if to make a cruel joke this is wrong. We go into great lengths in our school systems to stop Bulling and insensitivity towards each other and then watch this, and the commercial where a frail young man has the tare knocked out of him by some mean looking princess, great. Or how about the lets be happy guy, whom persuades everyone to shrug their responsibilities to go for a cruise. The one I have to admit comes close to reality is the Taco Bell one showing all the elderly folks acting like they are seventeen again, I seen this around here cause so many retire in this area. The kids don’t have money so lets market the entitled they can spend their geriatric fortunes. I wonder if the oldster that laid a skid mark in the parking lot would let a toddler   walk across his front yard, I bet not. 

I ofter wonder what will history record of these time, suppose the only reminder of our times would be a recording of the Super bowl and it commercials. What would they derive of us as a people, as a society? Classless


7 thoughts on “SuperBowl Madness

  1. Amen! I have been looking for the meaning, for the content, for the substance, for a very long time. Am I oldfashioned to pine for family values? You nailed it, Gene. “Prudence had some value once. It had its purpose.” For me it still does. God bless you. You are a wise, insightful, good man.

  2. thanks for the reblog, my friend . I just seen a poll on this very subject it seem that the majority whom took the poll on USA TODAY feel that it is alright for commercials and Half time shows to be as the past Superbowl and feel it just entertainment . Like everything else lately the Country is truly polarized , sad

    • I agree with you. It IS polarized and very sad. Know though that I do feel as you do and still hold family values dear and precious. There are many of us who do, take heart. Thank you for writing this.

  3. I don’t know how I missed this one! I SO much agree and I’ve said these same things on someone elses blog. I DO remember the x rated movies in the 70’s and in a lot of respects they were even tamer than what’s going on now. I LOVE Beyonce and just wish she would have stuck to the talent. I think it brings a lot of disrespect to women (and men) when it’s all about the sex. I kind of feel like it takes away from the talent. I’m totally not a prude either, I just wish it didn’t have to come to sex EVERY time. Oh and the ballet? Yeah, their costumes are a little skimpy but I TOTALLY get why that’s necessary. How could they dance this way if they were burdened with more clothes. BUT, they’re classy. I got a good chuckle when I read what you said about the ballet dancers not using so much pelvic thrusting! lmao I can picture it….

    • Thanks for the comment, I have several grandchildren and a niece in Ballet, It is truly a beautiful event as the girls go through their routines, I miss the variety shows that aired earlier in my life where you could watch the Beatles then a rendition from the Academy of Dance. Entertainment todays seems to be about all the vices we are suppose to teach our children not to do. Well in eyes that what it seems , Have a great day

      • I never thought about it in those terms but you’re so right. Entertainment HAS gone the way of everything we teach our daughters NOT to do.

        Enjoy the grandchildren and have a fantastic day!

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