LA Scandals , disheartening for this Catholic

Last night and this morning a top news story was the scandals with the Catholic Church in Los Angles . Again my heart aches to seeing Child Abuse and the way the Church handles the crisis . I am a Catholic, this evil failing by our clergy has touch even my own parish which had lawsuits against several priest ,some who where present when I went to Holy Cross. I truly don’t know what the Church can do other than repent , make amends and keep striving to follow the path set by Christ. Child Abuse is a epidemic which surrounds us almost on a daily basis, constantly our Schools ,youth organizations , Churches and our neighbors homes. It is an heartless act, a true display of the Human misery and suffering . It shows just how low humanity will go to satisfy our primal needs bringing us ever so close to being little more than the beast we are suppose to have dominion over. It is Rape of innocence and dignity for the victims, their families and all whom cherish the sanctity of life itself. At the time when the Catholic Church is marching and protesting against abortion these LA Scandals come front and center of the news. It is  disheartening and without a doubt put a shadow on the movement to promote life. 

 Being a Catholic is a choice, the 2000 year old message is still the same no matter what scandals and failing the Church has. The Church is always full of sinners, evil doers , those that show up for enterprise and social gain,this is a given and known truth. All followers have failed in one virtue or another, this is the human condition. Like its followers the Church will have to repent, and continue to live the 2000 year message and promise that Christ has Charge to Church to share. I will pray for the victims in LA, here and throughout the world. I will pray for the Church to find a way to filter out and help prevent as many incidents possible. I will pray for all those men whom walk the path of  the clergy , that they are able to fight off the massive bombardment of inmoral media, ideas and attitudes so visible to all of us today. The Catholic Church is forever, I pray for those souls that are effected, that leave or change their mind about following ,that these scandals will not interfere with their path to Christ. I pray for forgiveness, that Our Christ will forgive us all . 


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