If I sit still

If I sit still

If I sit still

Will life pass, grant me reprieve

Will I escape the pain, miss getting ill

Will I miss all that frightens me, can I not grieve

If I sit still

Will I avoid the ugly world

Will I be excused from others will

Will I miss the slander so freely hurled

If I sit still

Can the commitments be mulled of love

Can I forget that journey up the hill

Can I ignore what comes from above

If I sit still

Why  be involved with those around

Why can’t it be corrected with a pill

Why bother with solutions hard found

If I could sit still

And avoid all problems and challenges good and bad

I could build my walls around my  ville

And surely I would never know what graces I could of had

If I sit still

If I close down my inner voice

And avoid the fact that life is a grist mill

Let no one waste their emotions to make their eyes moist

If I sit still

Park (c) 2013


7 thoughts on “If I sit still

      • My pleasure completely:-) I cringe as I ask this because I’m afraid you’ll throw something through my computer and hurt me, but you’re the author, right? I know it seems like a silly question. Anyway, It was very good. It touched my heart.

      • LOL, yes this is my creation. I like to right poetry,Haiku and sometimes just blog about what is on my mind, usually about things that seem to challenge my beliefs. I also on occasion draw,paint in different media. All this I do for fun, to pass time while I help raise my grandchildren,they so enjoy crafts and making messes ,LOL . I am happy my poem touched you, this is really what writing and sharing thoughts is suppose to be about. may you have a splendid day , gene

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