Catholic in Election Hell

Wednesday night I was watching the Democrat primary on Public TV, not to pick apart their platform but to learn. I feel it foolish to not to explore, educate and possible revaluate my stance. I am a Catholic and several issues with the Democrat party and Catholics are well known. The Church up to  this election,that I am aware, has never made request of their followers not to support a particular party. Surprisingly Catholics usually are heavily involved with the Democrat party and always have been. Watching the night unfold I found it curious, interesting and even some disappointment.

The nuns on the bus, I remember vaguely reading about them and their controversy with the Bishops.  There is no question their humanitarian and Charitable works are wonderful, and expected of someone that chooses to follow Christ , and has taken a Vow to do so, They also have taken a Vow to obey the Church, and to do the will of the Church.I also acknowledge the nuns concern with Ryan’s Cuts. 

 I wondered how the Mayor of San Antonio Julian Castro, while being at a table of journalist he was asked about how was he able to deal with his Catholic Faith despite the platform of Pro-Choice and the Healthcare mandate. I could see him squirm, or seem to with each word, trying to explain to the world that many Catholics don’t follow all the views of the Church and will vote for what is best them. He ended the answer stating that he was still a Catholic. I know he wish the question did not come up, I wish it didn’t either

The Church doesn’t always help, It needs to explain why it has taken the stance of Pro-Life. It needs to let it be known that the Pro-Life is not just something that a group of Old Men come up with, men that  don’t have to deal with making such choices. The doctrine of no abortion goes back to the Apostles and the beginning of the Catholic Church, and it is not likely that the Catholic Church is going to change it views on abortion ever. I found this information in the “Didache”, early Christian Treatise.I understand Catholics whom find themselves being drawn in making a decision of following a platform that tears at their religious beliefs.Even those that don’t agree knows this is the stance which the Church has to make if it is to follow the Apostolic Fathers. This is what the Catholic Church is about, professes and declares. 

I do believe the Democratic party has always been the more compassionate and socially respondent party, I just think it unfortunate that it seems to drawn a line in the  sand as that Catholics find themselves standing in front of. 


It is also a shame that the Republican party would pick a candidate that is easily resembles the prototype of a banker,speculator or trader, venture Capitalist, need I explain this . His reluctance to disclose certainly cast a shadow and makes it a challenge. It cause a distrust easily in a time our nation need trustworthy leaders.

 So here lies the test, the line in the sand. Do Catholics cross the line and disregard their Church, their upbringing , their moral obligation and vote for a party that seems to do more for the lower economic classes. Can they be party of a platform that promotes Pro-choice, a mandate to provide Pro-choice services even though It crosses the Church doctrine and challenges their faith. Or do Catholics vote for a platform that seems to a little more elusive on what it would ,or could do for our present economic state. It might be said that Faith should have nothing to do with Politics and Government Policy. This might be a convenient arraignment but it is not practical for those Who follow their conscience , their faith, their Choice, not this election especially.


2 thoughts on “Catholic in Election Hell

    • Thanks Kathleen, it was a hard blog post to write, knowing many really don’t understand or want to understand the complicated situation many people of faith have when they are being tested. I wrote this before Cardinal Dolan closed the show, but he really didn’t change my mood

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