Mary, Mother of Hope

Mary, Mother of Hope


Most Blessed Mother

You whom labored for us

Your pain and tears suffered for the behalf of humankind

You whom carried the hope of the world in your womb

I pray to you


I pray to you

From a world confused on what is morally right or wrong

From a world full of mistrust and deceit 

From a world of intolerance and bigotry 

From a world full of suffering, pain and death 


Mary Mother of Hope

Light up our gloomy skies

Guide us to the path of acceptance and understanding 

Show us how to deal with pain and suffering with dignity and courage

Inspire us to search for the truth, and choose what is pleasing to the Lord


Mary, Mother of Hope 

Pray for us that we may end our journey here, in this world in the Grace of God, 

A God good and merciful and full of absolute and eternal Love 


Mary, Mother of Hope 

I pray to You 

That your intercessions to your Son, Jesus Christ will be heard and in His Grace will grant all of us safe passage Home

Pray for us Mary, Mother of Hope with Jesus in your heart




(c) Park 2012


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