Circles of Hate

Circles of Hate


Understanding not of numerous things

The pain, the hurt we feel a need to inflict

Done so effortlessly and often in social rings

For the sake of vanity and power over whom’s standard conflicts


A new child born know no color

They feeds, and searches for Love

They don’t understand why older people must holler 

Claiming their way is sanction from above


A Catholic being scorn for difference, I knew not why

Other Services attended, worship the same God on High

Big glasses meant jeers of disgust

It not my fault my eyes weren’t robust


The pimples did hurt and made me cry

A pain caused by the staring eye

Nothing hurts more than being called ugly

It closes one heart like heavy air so muggy 


Some feel that critical judgement is to help

It seems more like an agenda to make one yelp

Some say their correctness is for religious sake

Most claim the others are just a foolish fake


I know no human spared of the claws of hate

Wether it be for politics, religion or appearances sake

It sad we all suffer this unmerciful fate 

Someone out there has us for ingredients to bake


Oh yes even with all the pain and hurt I’ve seen

I can’t understand why I manage to become unclean

Forgotten conveniently or not, to forgive and forget 

Weakness in my soul, old hurts I seem to protect 


Perhaps this it the journey we must partake

To fight our egos that give others heartaches

Become like the newborn whom sees no race

Requesting only Love in this hard hard place 


(c) Park 2012


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