Oh Princess Abandon

Oh Princess Abandon 

Sound of the small child, gasping,catching her breath in haste

Left behind, left behind,racing through her mind

The time she spent prepping, behaving, sitting in silence is now a waste

Her heart is broken, jolted, stomach knotted no comfort she can find


Why must it be so brutal ? So damn unkind

The efforts, struggles,mistakes and victories 

Steps taken forward, the pain of the journey, the times left behind 

She never understand,nor will I the this life of Mysteries 


There is no true comfort one can truly share

She is to be left alone, behind, her presence ignored

Nothing left , but to confirm the lonesome stare 

Goodbye , little one this trip you will not board 


Take heart little princess,little one left behind

Life lessons you learn , will help you survive

Our hearts can be made strong, to tolerate the less kind

And some day, Your day , you will Arrive  


Park 2012 


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