I Write , I Do

How often have I have fallen

How often I have not seen

The truth that lies in front of me

Thru my own thoughts ; pure or unclean

I will grasp so clumsily at every word

Claiming it to be my very own

Render each a meaning to suit

Believing I am deserving of a throne

With poverty or humility,or just blind luck

That I’m able to function in any way

Truly it must be faith ,a grace thus given

A miracle that is granted every day

Unsure as I inhale the breath of air

Just where do I stand

Loved, connected, do I know.

Through dreams, visions,schemes at hand

As A human willing to commit

Taking a leap reaching the summits peak

Or do I choose to squalor

Act as most mammals,permissive and weak

I am very clever,am I not

I’ve out fox the righteous and the corrupt

The words I’ve wrap,with total precision

Trying to make my readers sensuously erupt

Is it read, comprehended, understood at all

Or is it read to correct,interject.

Your voice,opinion I hold so preciously

Taken with care or set aside to reject

I write,I do I claim no allegiance to fame at all

What talent ,what gift,what burden

To some it is material fit for a stall

To be ground up ,and compost for the Garden

Park 2012


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