What is it about Death

What is it about Death

Many say a thin vale separates us living from the dead

Others say it is a transformation into something else

Many of us rely on Faith, a promise since the beginning of mankind

What is it about Death

Many go quickly like a flash of light

No goodbye no chance to close their chapter

Others linger , suffer so , to much pain and fear

Filled with remorse, or angry at the prospect of not being here longer

What is it about Death

Each gasp for air, each Herculean effort to make the heart pump

Whom effort is it,the dying or the force that put the dying here

Some say they want to go, others want to fight for every second

They struggle so till the end, Challenged or not we are unaware

What is it about Death

I know no wise answers to answer the young

Many of well educated people have their theory based on the past

Others feel a spiritual calling, an intuition

Some have no use on the subject at all till it their turn

What is it about Death

Many live their lives for a chance of a better life after death

Other live like this is it , and go for the gusto

Most I feel stumble day to day with the prospect that it will soon come knocking

It will grab us all and do what it will , without our consent

What is it about Death

When a Child or a younger person dies it seems more intense

Is it that we morn what could have been ,and that jars our emotion so

When the Elderly pass, it intensity is subdued, reflection of the pass

A life well spent , or not but with length full of opportunity

What is it about Death

I do not know what I will do when it calls on me

Will I be brave, and noble

Or will I be bitter and self-absorbed

Will my anguish be of what I am leaving behind , or or what lies ahead

Will my faith sustain me , or will I abandon it as I have so many times before

What is it About Death

Perhaps I seen death to many times, I don’t know

I am thankful I seen more of life

I do fear Death, it is unknown , unexplored

To claim an immunity to it’s domain is foolish

What is it about Death

Park 2012


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