Little Help from God and a big smile

This week has been a dark week, A friend of mine is going thru a tragic loss, here on the home front as well some dark news . My mood has been very somber, I don’t like witnessing my family, and friends going through events that are unchangeable. Iliked to consider myself the fixit man, if there was a way I could make it happen, not always up to code but it would get through , Not lately . So I been very deep this week, I was going to be in a reflective mode because of Lent, but this week has made it much more than reflective .

Ever wonder How God helps in times like these?

I sure everyone has their Ideas, or opinion . Let me tell you what happen today that make me feel that He is around .

I have a pair of sweatpants that have a tear right at the hip pocket opening, so when I put a remote in that pocket , it must have slid down my leg and settled down at the ankle tie, I did not feel it. So when I wanted to turn the channel I could not find the remote , Having a three year old in my charge and when I could not find it where I was sitting , I assumed she went off with it . So I proceed to tear the house apart looking for this remote. I am so proud of myself for not getting testy with the three year old but I was at a total loss at what happen to this piggybacking remote . I even went through the trash with the soiled diapers and nasty garbage thinking it might have made it way there, For three hours I traced and retraced my moves, turn over the furniture all while this three year old was wondering what was pop-pop up to. Finally, I needed to tie my shoe and when I placed my foot on the stool to tie my shoes , I noticed the bulge at my ankle, feeling the remote tucked so nicely on my inside ankle where the sweat paints are drawn closed . I busted out in this crazed filled laughter , I must of laughed for ten minutes to the point that my side started to hurt . I so need that laughter and so verbally thanked God for this . Some might argue with me about God not having anything to do with my humorous discovery , I would beg to differ. If you could see this old pop-pop going crazy looking for something that was with him the whole time you would understand, it had me thinking of the old”Smokey and the Bandit” movies where Sheriff P Coaltrain would come out of the bathroom with the toilet paper following him .  I needed a break, a moment of joy in a very gloomy time, I believe God is capable of helping us find Joy, Thanks be to God .


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