Raising the Minimum Wage , shouldn’t we think about this



Reading the newspaper the other day ,I came across this article. I often wonder if our elected officials are considering all the results of their actions. I know many will see this as a positive. I  can see the opposite happen when these wage increased are introduced and enforced . I going to start with presenting you the web site with the article if you wish to read it first :http://www.delawareonline.com/article/20120113/NEWS02/201130343/Senator-proposes-raising-minimum-wage. Listed below you will find some of my reasoning based on what I have witnessed as well a few concerns .


When the minimum wage is enforced there is no mandate for everyone else to receive an increase , I have seen where an employee was granted a raise before the enforcement only to find that they were right back to minimum wage ,so the reward for good performance was removed ,consider how many folks are in this wage bracket


When the minimum wage is enforced many business,especially small business will have to cut hours to cover the increase of wages to be paid, as well as increase of taxes they must escrow and keep current , the employee ends up with less hours and the same if not less income in the end


When the minimum wage is enforced, business, especially small business will terminate some employees, they have to be able to make a profit so downsizing is a viable option , so now we have a few more in the unemployment line.


When the minimum wage is enforced, prices for services or merchandise especially in small business will rise, thus making the wage increase null, or of little advantage, as well as increasing the burden on those that live on a marginal budget, including those that are on a fixed income , social security and other social services.


When the minimum wage is enforced because the prices increases, those that are making more than minimum but still struggle because of debt , or other increased cost that seem to show up with the minimum wage, find themselves not having the buying power and must alter their buying habits, causing severe stress on Small business whom depend on those discretionary purchases .Causing many Small Business to fail, and more unemployment.


When the Minimum wages is enforced , will there be legislation to increase the government workers wages , will that not increase the debt that is already a major issue on the table. Will that cause friction between government workers and the private sector ?


When the minimum wage is enforce, will this drive more jobs oversees, In a global market,as we are in there are other counties with workers already in line to take the jobs that Americans are already considered over-paid by those parts of the world .


There are so many Americans , Delawareans that work in the minimum wage level, it is no longer just an entree level wage, as suggested but an acceptable wage ,not if you are surviving on it , but a legal wage. Most of those workers are hard working, honest even well educated citizens, that are in a situation that is less favorable. I am concern that raising the wage could be a disservice to many, and not accomplishing what it is designed to do. Would it be better to find ways to bring more jobs into the States, finding ways for the citizens to be able to afford  the necessaries of life, using the infra-structure that won’t put the burden on those that are already over -taxed. Would it not be better to regulate the larger corporations, those that have become a necessity to function . Legislation introduced many times for the benefit of the state mandates , can impose burdens on citizens and small business that are already struggling ,are you going to  explore this. Can we put value back in the Dollar.

I witnessed the hardship, frustration, the need of these valiant workers , who struggle everyday to provide services ,to accommodate what is expected of them, They don’t deserve to be abused , or used as a pawn for others agendas. They need to be treated with dignity, seen that their needs are covered , that they are not punished, or penalized (which happens way to often) . It should never be a disgrace to work, or it should never be a burden to work

Raising the minimum wage if done , must be done so that it is beneficial for all , that all the “t”s are crossed and all the “I” are dotted . God Bless America and the people that dwell in Wonderful Country and State of Delaware .



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