Fighting my ugly Prejudice

Many times in my life, I witness change

I seen and participated in desegregation

I lived through several military exchanges

And I witness the financial deregulations


I sorry to say My Lord,that during these times I failed

I let in hate and damn my fellow man

If it did not go the way I wanted ,I shouted ,I hailed

I used the ugly language that disgraced Your Plan


It was easy to say that man Is my friend

Then behind his back call him ugly

It was easy to blame the other end

Or curse them for they are more wealthy


I done this , and I am ashamed

Because If I followed my faith it would not have happened

Now I have witnessed how it hurts , the hearts it claimed

If only I would have carried my cross, it would not have happened


So every day, I must pray, I will say

Be it for the Grace , to live in this place

And not be hurtful and do misgiving

But to learn to love those that are living


Park   2012


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