The Potty Mouth Dilemma

The Potty Mouth Dilemma


Some days our buttons are overly  pushed

It seems that every thing is  being rushed

Out of control the situations do go

And out of my mouth my sins will flow


How hard it is to hold ones breath

Utter not a word to recourse

But let the emotions flow ever so low

And put oneself so close to death


Lame is the tongue that spills such brew

One soul lies dormant and without remorse

To lash out such vile words , such language

In such useless manner ,such worthless drew


For behold it shows our true baggage

Say it not so , it ok to be crude

To use such poor words

And show how easy it is to be rude


Slang words that we choose to  make much of

That actions it so desecrates

And yet the Blasphemies

Our unsettling care , our hideous dare

Total un-love for God we spill from our lips


We leave this unchecked , ignored in public

What media has not found use or profit

What sick humor we find in the vocal slips

And then we expect our God to care


Even an atheist ,a harden unbeliever

Can not resist to use God name in vain

To whom else can they blame, or is it easier to share the shame

Than use some unrecognizable name


How hurtful , how blunt we use these phrases

Hoping to find rise, satisfaction

Planned , or not , with deliberations and crazes

It is truly an ugly distraction, worthy of Hell’s Blazes




Most of my life , my mouth was ugly

I though nothing to use the language of the potty

With age comes wisdom , or maybe really fear

So cursing is something I try to steer clear

But today I failed in a big way, and let the tongue go potty


Park 2012


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