I fear old

As I grow older there is some things I noticed

My disdain and dislike for colder climates

Or like my reluctance to claim I wrote this

And claim my place as one of the elder primates


Thus fear creeps up on me as I get old

It not like I lost all my courage

I am just not so willing to be bold

With screaming,and swinging without much encouragement


I started to cross paths with that damn thing called death

For family and friends it has taken so

The pain , each strain, every struggled breath

Makes me worry about the my time to go


It not like I can go and hide

For when it time it will claim

It more about that last long ride

And how long will I lie lame


I wonder while my time is running

Was I worth my salt or not

Or was I no more that bumming

With a soul as desirable as an empty parking lot


I tried , or thought I did to achieve

A lifetime I  work hard like a busy bee

With some dreams and efforts I did believe

And yet it seems some did so more than me


Some swear that older life is better

Maybe for them,but I so dislike

For my creative juices were much wetter

And adventures were not a drawn out hike


In some ways love is purer

The hormones seem to be lulled

It not about how much a doer

And realization of the long haul


I don’t like getting old, I fear it so

I am not ready for anything just yet

To many opportunities I did let go

To many times I shouldn’t have bet



It not after I die that I do fear

For God my soul I have commit

It the loss of them so dear

And the love’s fire they have lit


For the fear of alone scares me not

But a life with those I love will cease

In any form , in spirit , or bodily lot

To united together as we decease


I truly believe in God , I truly do

To many witnessed I have seen

What you believe is up to you

You are given that choice to deem


Park 2012


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