Would Christ have camped outside within an occupy

I do not know, I will not lie

I know he would not approve of today’s inequalities

But would He question some desired  civil Liberties


He preached that we should render to Caesar’s what is Caesar’s

I know He would prefer us to practice Charity and care

Let us not dwell on the misguided wealthy

But pray for their souls to become healthy


Perhaps then we will find our peace

And leave the barriers to the police

For they too are caught in the middle

It’s God’s choice whom belongs in the griddle


I know pain and anguish is abound

And young people search for sound

Advice and direction which seems hidden

But with God’s Grace it will be given


I do not know if Christ would camp at an occupy

I pray to Him that no one will die

Those whom protest I do care

That they won’t loose one strand of hair


Like it or not they have a right

To scream, and demand true insight

To were this world is going ,and How

And will it cause us all to bow


Raise in truth ,Cry for our life

Demand our dignity free from strife

But do so with care, and with humility

And pray to God that we find unity


Park 2012 


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