I am the un-counted

I am the over-looked

I am the un-counted

I fit no mold and go unnoticed

I wasted two lifetimes working for nothing

All doors remain close for me


I see no hands outstretched for me to grab

No act of kindness without conditions

No relief for people like me

My pain goes unchecked ,yet I am insured

The establishment picks and choose what they will do

Only at my deaths doorstep will they perform without malice

How arrogant this world is,that they hold my needs at pennies edge


I am well educated but display no accolades

I had to stand against evil, without protection,without justice

I fought in no foreign war, yet has faced the far side of a gun barrel

And yet I fared much worse as a victim,then if I had done the crime

Justice here is a game, a joke , an assault on God’s very Commandments

When called to serve I was herded like cattle in a basement , to be hidden


I sacrificed often for others, only to be spitted on rather than be thanked

Their feeling, their needs were my concerned, I was a joke to them

Years, yes years of not taking time off ,sick ,weak and full of fluids

No one cared, as long as they got their payment , their wages so to  be

The world glorifies the crooked politician, the self-centered celebrity , responsible free bureaucrat ,but shows no pardon for an honest willed person


I found that the world only counts on your recent deeds, your last three years of effort. The whole history is not of concern, It matters not that you were on the job for a lifetime, it only counts three years back, to bad , to bad

I am put on the same level as the criminal, the unclean , the sloths of humanity

It matters not that I been without a lawless record, It would be easier to have doors open it I had.

We live in a world where dishonesty pays, where deceit is prescribed ,Hence the insurance company that pays fully on it charge,and where hedge funding is the prescription for wealth and gambling is the funding of our schools, and yet there is never enough for those entities that are suppose to provide ,no one battled for me to see my just do, no one stood next to me when I was stripped of dignity , when my pockets were thin. And no one will


I laid in a fetal position on a gurney , my future unclear, my vision removed

Sign here, you should have , did they offer assistance no only asked how will you pay, sign this so you won’t drive and sue us, Like I could see you, ass

I risen days later, to start again, without the help from any of them

Each day I got better, but for whom, for more to go them, there is no cure

Why would there be when money is desired for their needs


Those that watched me were not amazed , for them I was a joke

My nice disposition only fueled their laughter, I watch a co-worker watched while I struggled with heavy equipment, I could almost here him laugh as he was leaving. Fine Christian man he was, a bible on each side with a tail coming outside his ass, It was not long after that I did fall


I am older now those days removed, but remember history don’t count

My pain today envelopes me, it clouds my judgement,weakens my strength

I seek no relief for I might not pay, those who insisted that we give it away

My sight is clouded by a film, that dirties the colors, and glares the light

I ask no more for help, I ask no more for quarter . The world can keep their hands to themselves, I wish not to dirty my own for the sake of comfort, but rather die

I pray not to linger in such a cold place,  a place where honesty is a curse

A place where good works is more of display,a concert and a beer

It has nothing to do with charity of the heart , but the clarity of one desire

I want none of it, no not one red cent, I deserve it not cause I tried my best

I will smile and greet with open heart and hope that when I depart, that maybe one , if only one will find a moment to stare at the sun, and say He is on His way

And I will say , I am on my way

Park 11 


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