Truth is always simple, short and to the point

I am sure some would argue with great conviction that this is an incorrect statement . I would also bet that those who object the most are in the business to wrap words . Those that make profit at evading or in some cases unravelling the truth that are hidden well ,deep in a matrix of clever statements  . I have found that most truthful and distinct statements are quick to show the brevity of what is presented. They are not usually surrounded by escapes, clauses and compromise. The reader may be confused ,but not deceived and easily remedied after investigation.The Declaration of  Independence of the United States is nothing more than a short letter, full of truth , conviction and to the unquestionable point . The United States original Constitution was rather short,to the point  ,amazing considering the scope of government , the rights of the citizens , and the responsibilities of both in maintaining this Great Country. The Greatest American speech ever to be heard by the people was the Gettysburg Address, a very disappointing oracle Lincoln was for those who look at what our leaders convey as entertainment .Unfortunately our political arena can be viewed as entrainment , where even professional comedian are reverend as wise and learned leaders. Years ago my father would write-up simple contracts for vending and food services with other business, some of good size.  Much to our surprise that one of our accounts wanted to bring another vendor  in, but because the  contract was short and to the point their lawyer informed them that He had nothing to work with and either had to continue our services or pay us what was projected in sales during the period we would be terminated , sweet and to the point Most of our contracts were not more than seven pages which included the Cover letter, and the ratification page. I seen many of our competitions contracts,which presented a mini book, they would break down what they would and not do, and how they would and could not do , wrapping words that would make a normal person accidently skip some key praises or hidden omissions intentional in the spirit of the contact. Now displayed on the news introduction of anything to congress or the executive branch ,the Bill looks like an Old fashion Telephone Book. There is no way our President can read from cover to cover what is in the Bill and do other duties that our nation requires.  No WAY, so how can we expect to get a truthful representation ,free from hidden agendas , free from unproven statement, lies, misguided ideas, How can we.  Today we stand at the crossroads , we face a future guarantee of economic strife . our children and their children face a bill they can not pay, it is wrapped up in worthless promises , some because it wrapped up in careful crafted hidden words. Is this what we want. Is this what we want to be remembered for. Maybe so. I got a feeling that when we die, it going to be really simple ,Yes or No , try wrapping that .


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