What says the news my friend

What says the news my friend



What says the news my friend

will it tell of glories,or sad ends

will it proclaim good fortune for us

or just tell us we missed the bus


How says the news do you care

is the market,bull or Bear

are the stocks worth much today

is the futures on cash, treasury Bonds Ok


How about the Political scene

are the Republicans able to wean

off the Tea party call for change

or is the Democrats in trouble again


What tragic moment in time

should we not expect an increase in crime

foreclosures abundant ,no solution in sight

nor does anyone care, it isn’t right


We bailed out the banks, who cashed in their bonus

and watch the flights roll out of Dallas

Gm and Chrysler did put out their hand

and their union sold out their plan


You money is safe says the Economic Scholar

Invest in me Wall Street Hollers

You not regret it , you really won’t

cause we can catch the next boat


Invest in our youth we did not do

Our schools will suffer with the economic gloom

It was with learning that made this country great

and we set it aside , to pay off debt and gain weight


Is our wars going well my dear friend

Our we still dying in the world far end

We send good people some to young or to old

and ask them to die , and be strong and bold


What plans do we have for all those broken dreams

dead men and women , and children screams

will they get cheated at what is due

because some politician needs to rule


What news my friends of the weather today

it sounds kind of strange on this summer day

to hot to handle ,especially in the fields

where our food is growing ,we need our yields


What news my friend is their today

is any of it positive, good people would say

Does it show any Love, and caring of You

or is it how someone ,may sue too


What celebrity who thinks they can say

what we should do and how we should play

and those who follow just have no sense

or they are lost , and forgetting the past tense


I don’t know what lies ahead of us tomorrow

I pray not sadness and of sorrow

I sure it will be much of the same

and everyone looking for someone to blame



Park 11




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