What is the plan, I can,I can

What is the plan, I can , I can  

What is the plan, I need to know

is it a path or a place to go

will I know it by sight

will it be to my left or my right

What is the plan , I must follow

is it of quite or is it a Holler

will I see results that are easy to see

or will it be hard ,as the Northern Sea

What is the plan, Is it a must

will I follow it till I turn to dust

Have I missed the flight , the voyage to be

or has the bus not yet pulled up in front of me

What is the plan I really must know

I need it to get ready to sow

to prepare and get ready to fulfill the quest

and to make sure i can do my best

What is the plan ,I can I can

I can do it if you hold my hand

I can do your will if it is Your Will

and when I done will you take me up the Hill

Through Love and grace that been given to me

and wisdom and events that made me see

that Life is a right , that has been given yes

confused as I may be , I must confess

The plan that was given to You and others

should not be be considered  much of a bother

It should be reverend and profess as best

And leave it to You,God to do the Rest

Park 11


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