To Me MoM

To Me MoM

It been a year ago today

that the Lord did take you away

I sure he had some things for you to do

and as always ,I know you will think it through

I sorry you’re not here with me

to laugh ,and tell me how things would be

I sadden that we must grow

and miss so much as I did sow

You are strong and determined Lass

if seen it as you put down an ass

time and time did I try to get over you

like a stupid kid is supposed to do

But without fail you sit in silence

till it was time to shake my highness

and put me where I did belong

reverent , respectful with a heart filled of song

I miss you me mom , I really do

and when it time I hope God lets me through

So I can hug and kiss you all I can

and tell you I am your little loving man

Park 11

Love you MoM

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