The Transfiguration of the Lord

The Transfiguration of the Lord

Reach inside you for a moment and think about what this is. Just imagine walking up the trail, your are with good company . You are amongst friends, you a following close to what is said by your closest friend . You are taking in everything that it said, everything you hear in the background , your probably drawing in the sweet air, and find it captivating the area that is surrounding you. Feels wonderful does it not. You can’t imagine it being any better than this.

Now a flash , a moment of uncertainly of confusion is unfolding right in front of you. Your closest friend appearance is different,it glorious it also unexpected. Strangers walk into your group,by their character you can tell they are distinguish ,important . Your whole being is shaken by their presence ,much in the same as if the President or Pope just walked into your living room. Amazing

Being a noble and helpful friend ,you try to interject your ideas into the conversation , try to offer your services . Possibly they will be aware of your presence , maybe you will be introduced to these Important people.You know how it is ,as humans we do not like being ignored , put aside even when it for our own good ,do we?

Cracking a smile , you offer yourself to serve. The grounds suddenly  shakes , the air becomes radiant, and without doubt your soul has become captive by the Almighty . Without a doubt , You are put in your place, not with malice,not as a misbehaved child, No; but with a loving respect , a caring lesson , A Fathers Passion to Love ,His Children.

Now you are probably rolled up in a ball, scared out of your wits. Totally unsure of what is happening ,Thinking  what is going to happen to you.  It not hard to imagine is it, not really.  A Brave soul will prostrate themselves for Good, For God .

Christ touch Peter and the others and assured them that everything was alright. He also asked them not to talk about it till it was time. That is very understandable, we all know how society tries to quiet those have a unfamiliar stories, undesirable ideas ,difference in beliefs. It labels them, or attacks them , or claims them ill and unfit to co-habitat . It does today as it did in the Time of Christ , nothing really changes other than our toys.Would you feel His would be warm and peaceful maybe ,certainly loving.

Jesus protected the Disciples , He shared the Fathers Glory with them that Day. We also were instructed to Humble ourselves, to listen to God. Jesus showed us God Love dwells in Him and He is willing to take us with Him . Imagine that walk up that path , with your closest Friend, It will be glorious , Believe it 


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