When they ask for your Art

  The other day my oldest sister came for a visit . She usually drops off her twenty-something  son, who likes to visit ,we go over politics and religion, and banking . He is a loan specialist in a time when loans are tough thing to push. 

  It was nice that she spent some time talking and going over a few of our past experiences. It has been almost a year to the day since we sat together with our younger sister at the hospice center saying goodbye to our mother. So we needed a little sibling bonding no doubt. It has been a hard year all around , thanks to the economics and health issues that have plague us since mom’s passing . 

  After about a hour , it was time for her to go and catch up on some needed rest, so she headed out the door, that is when she spotted the painting I did back in 2003. She got so excited about it , so without hesitation I pulled it off the wall and handed it to her. I explained the story about the painting and was very glad she liked it.

  The painting was done off some photos that my wife and I taken while doing the Riverwalk in San Antonio Texas. The place was the Bar Dirty Nellies , which has a reputation for having brash and rude waitresses . That when I was having  a beer and the bar keep was complaining of 30% humidity,that nose bleeding dry here in Delaware . . It was a real enjoyable experience and when I returned home I did a series of painting of our visit.

  I been quiet with my art since I lost my Job , career if you like, with my father. My Art was my escape from the high stress of the job. I seem to loose interest in it ,which is unreal because the whole time I was working I could not wait to have time to do more Art, Now I have less time ,while watching my grandkids, and no funds coming in to support my desires and inspiration 

  It was rather nice though for someone to actually ask of a piece. I done a few consignments , and given away canvases  and cards , but giving and being ask have a totally different range of emotions.. I given art away and almost could read their faces ,What am I going to do with this. So when someone ask for a piece it like ,wow. They really like it !!! 



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