terror’s creed

terror’s creed

hide behind your darken cave

peer at the victims you picked

do you feel their life slip from here

why has love left you, don’t you crave

the beauty of children , do they make you sick

will you erase them from your mind with the next beer


Hide behind your darken hole

plan your plot , scheme your deed

For religion, for politics it matters not

when your done many will have nothing  but their soul

some will die, some will bleed

many  whom can even afford their plot


Hide behind your guided mask

Justified deed, sanctioned by those who haven’t the guts

A war declared by those who don’t dare

Identify their foe,cause they drink from the same flask

You target innocents , Not the radical nuts

As you see, everyone guilty to you, and you don’t care


Hide behind your sick soul

say what you like, it won’t matter

Your task is design from stupidity

those you follow will praise your death toll

it don’t matter as long as the press chatter

your dreams are wasted on  futility


Hide behind your beliefs so twisted

what ever validity you have destroyed

those you hurt will have new resolve

to see your death ,will be insisted

what ever message will be void

and your unholy name will be devolved


Hide behind your parents soul if you can

did you forget those you killed were parents too

Was it your intention to make children cry

you will not be a hero , or even have fans

that’s for those cowards you followed Fool

your sucked up into their own self-serving Lie

Join the lowest class there is of Man’s


Hide oh Hide if you Dare

there is no peace for you today

you killed and mane many need care

and brought shame to those your way


Park 11


for those suffering in Denmark and those still around the world from the fruitless wave of terrorism


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