Getting older is far from golden, It more like tarnished brass

June 17,2011


Getting older is far from golden, It more like tarnished brass


the neighbor

As Age increases , our goodbye’s start to catch-up to our  Hello’s , Last night my neighbor and Friend had a stroke, this is his third mini-stroke and seems to have done some paralyzing of his one arm. Phil is a busy skinny individual, so for him to settle down and watch the world go by is just not in his character. I have not heard anything else yet, just wishing for the best. He loves working in the yard and doing creative projects Like building bird houses out of Maxwell House containers .

* buddy Phil


The socks

my feet has gotten so sensitive that putting socks on inside out has been a new and refreshing experience,It is true,by accident I put on a pair inside out and they felt so soft and comfortable that now they all are put on inside out. Caring about how that might appear is no longer a factor and at the age  of fifty-seven ,I so don’t care


Storm last night

funny, the night before my grand kids did a good job depriving me of sleep, Last night the Good Lord filled in. About two am, I was awaken by a loud boom, I had been listening through the computer a radio station which is unattainable by other means, so I got up and shut down the computer and watched the fireworks. We so needed the rain so , I guess another night of disrupted sleep is OK. I not sure why I like to listen to Radio stations from Holland, I understand a little Dutch but not enough to talk to a young lass without the fear of getting slapped in the face, just kidding



I never seen the Northern Lights, I doubt if it can be seen in Delaware,it has too much of a haze over it all the time, The Air Base close by also emits plenty of light, It can be seen from space Dover was at one time considered an emergency landing strip for the Space Shuttle. That would freak me out if it did > way to much space stuff over my house<  The New Cargo carriers the Air Force uses are smaller than the C5 but noisier in my opinion . This is a picture of the old C5    

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