Oh what life has in store today ……..

June 16, 2011


the average words read per minute for an adult is 2oo. the optima time of attention an adult will give an task is 17 minutes , So the goal for my Rants is to be  no more than sixteen minutes of Rant per  post or no more than 3200 words  or much much  less.


My FireFly Chronicles


Two of my grandchildren spent the night , in a effort to keep their minds occupied and my sanity in check we went outside to catch the fireflies that bless the backyard, In no time a dozen little glowing buggies where searching for an escape from the cage, After a while Diana ask me to find out what fireflies eat, Well much to my astonishment it was discovered that they feed on other bugs, or their fellow fireflies, I was always under the impression that the cannibals consumed leaves and plants like the rest of the bugs. My respect and compassion for these little gems of light in the backyard  has been tarnished



A Right of Passage


My grandson last day of school was yesterday, graduating from second grade he is ready to set the summer on fire. His dad had gotten him a boy scout pen knife so last night he wanted me to show him how to use it. I not to keen on him having it around with the girls around, I can remember what I did with my pen knives and here lies the problem. I think kids today a little behind of being street smart compared to my upbringing,I could remember cutting grass and using some risky tools at the age of nine also hanging out in gangs of little brats with boy scout knives and sticks and dirt clods and all the things that could make the other kids cry. It wasn’t as dangerous as the inner city, but it could get out of hand quick . I was horse playing one day and manage to carve one of my friends hand open, not good. then we would play stick the knife between the other guys fingers or toes. When I grew a little older I can remember the feeling of a blade entering my side. So while I was showing him the proper way to shave wood with a knife, I was also praying that He never learns the other foolish uses of that piece of Steel .

*    The poor little frog

this afternoon an adult frog managed to find it way into the yard. My grand kids thought it would be good entertainment to stomp on the poor thing,I blew up in a furry, We don’t kill animals and creatures in my yard. Then my one granddaughter figured she challenge me, Time out for her. I picked up the poor toad and placed him by a tree, I figured he was in frog heaven but much to my surprise he was moving,ever so slowly but moving. Then I got to thinking about how odd my granddaughter must have viewed this with the stuffed Deer in the living room , so later I asked her , Where you going to eat that frog,cause the only animals I ever killed was for dinner .  A day for life lessons


*  All in All a little better today, I manage to loose my footing a few times, Getting real angry with Savannah over fighting over a sip cup, but I got me Rosary in and a few other things, Which is amazing considering the kids woke me up at 1 am and 3 am and the Dog at 5 am. What ever happen to 8 hours of sleep,Ha Ha


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