Our New World Thanks to Bin Laden

Today I am sure there are still those who are celebrating the death of Bin Laden this past Sunday. It is certainly getting old listening to the news trying to spin ,search for the intimate details of the  action, and of course those who are trying to take credit or place credit on the killing of Bin Laden

It has also brought out the feelings and memories of 9/11. I even noticed on the web that they were trying gather up the class of kids that were with President Bush when the attack on the Towers, the Pentagon and the faithful flight in western Pennsylvania.

I remember these moments, and feel sadness for the victims. I also feel anger towards those that profit from the tragedy. I am upset that the Towers seem stalled in its rebuilding, One of my nephews had worked until recently across the street from the site,He would marvel how tourist would stop to look and have their pictures taken in front of the construction site,sometimes amongst  laughter, I am sure it was not at the expense of the victims,but I can see how it might be a bit unnerving to a survivor that happen to be there.

The search for the leader of the terrorist has cost this country in lives and money more than I could possible comprehend. It a shame there was not an easier way. It is amazing to me where he seemed to be living , I remember my father would say it would not surprise him if Bin Laden was overlooking Central Park  or hanging at Palm Beach.

Bin Laden has cost us all allot, His actions has infused fear to our society, It aloud actions by our government to control its own citizenship that I would have not ever imagine before. It caused us to fear those we would have not considered before, and with fear comes ignorance and bigotry.

What else has Bin Laden cost us

When I was doing a little flying around the country not long after 9/11, I would look at the folks faces that boarded the plane, It there was few with Middle East Features ,you could see a change in their expression. You could almost feel the tension from the Middle Easterner as well. This was sad and unfortunate.

As a white kid walking down the slums of Chester Pennsylvania ,about the time of the race riots of the 60s I would get Stares like this. You don’t forget stares like that,and I don’t like getting them, Hate is a terrible thing, it eats at one very soul and takes all common sense and human dignity and destroys them. Much of what Bin Laden wanted to happen. He wanted Hate to fester,cause uneasiness for all people .

Today I wanted to get my license renewed , for the first time other than the initial license I had to take my birth certificate, social security and other papers to the process. My birth certificate ,the one that I used 56 years of my life was not valid anymore so I can not longer go in government buildings, fly or take trains because I don’t have the proper papers, Man this reminds me of the old films about the Nazis checking papers of the trains looking for escaped prisoners or the enemy , Of course the bad guy,(good guy ) depending on what side you on always has the right,forged papers .

I not to upset about , I will  just send off to get the right certificate and reapply at my leisure ,what I am upset with is that this would have not happen if it wasn’t for Bin Laden and other hateful humans that mess up our world.

I almost failed the eye test , so watch out when I am on the highways.


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