Quiet Monday

Mondays at my house are usually full of noise and commotion with the kids being left off in shifts while their mom’s rush to work. But this being the day after Easter Sunday they all had off except my wife and one daughter who is a nurse. The sick never take a holiday, and neither do shoppers.  I noticed Walmart was open Easter, so much for the concerns about Christian employees huh.

So lost I was without the noise, i created some. I vacuum and shampooed the rug in the living room, mop the kitchen and dinette,clean up the sunroom. It was so beautiful outside is should have worked in the backyard but with kids you do what you can’t do when they are here.

I had to pull out my missal , I almost forgot how the Joyful Mystery was presented. I been meditating on the Sorrowful Mystery all through Lent, that it seem strange to do any other Mystery . I am glad Lent is over, I was disappointed in my self this year , I did not make it to Mass like I planned and wanted to make confession on Holy Week, I just could not get hooked up, or I ended up with kids . With little league and dancing , the kids are here at all hours. I am surprised I am still agile enough to play baseball with the kids. Love my Baseball

Right now I am in the red light district, not really. the electric company notifies us when they are at peak usage and ask us to conserve so to keep the rates down, so just the computer and one window air conditioner is running and I won’t wash dishes or myself till it goes off a six.

I had a decent layout for my garden this year, but I not able to hook up with the tiller man, so I think I might just downsize it,that ok. I use to dig the whole thing by hand, which is a whole lot of work, it usually 25 feet by 35 feet or 875 square feet . with tree roots and all. Most of the time I never get it all harvested and loose to much,which is a shame.

If I am lucky and it doesn’t storm I can go and watch one of the kids play ball tonight , now tomorrow will not be so quiet. I sure of this..

The flowers I did a few years ago using oil pastels .


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