Today is Good Friday, the day of our redemption  a day of sorrow. We grieve the death of Christ on the Cross. As a Christian ,this day is the sum of all our Beliefs. Without the Passion ,the Crucifixion ,our Faith would be baseless. Yet so many have forgot just what today is. It is the Day we are welcome to come Home Again. His Death pardons us from  sin and the eternal separation from God.

Why Did He suffer so?

I asked this question all of my life. I wonder if man would have paid attention any other way. Our society is fixated on oneself, we seem to need to be shocked to look past our own little piece of the world. Disasters only keep us occupied  for a little while before we forget ,unless we are a victim of one of them. War effects are forgotten as soon as prosperity is returned. Most of the time the original cause of war is forgotten and those in conflict become strange bedfellows . Forgetting the life that was removed and the lame that was left to their own devices to survive. Yes Christ had to die so horrible,Just so we might take notice.

The Stations of the Cross ,is it not a journey much like life ,a journey. Jesus carried His Cross to His Execution spot. He suffered Humility ,Embarrassment ,Dependency (Simon),He showed Gratitude to Veronica,Concern for the women of Jerusalem. He suffered great physical Pain yet preceded on He or The Father Almighty could have ended it right their,True persistence ,True devotion to us. He left this Earth as He came in poverty ,not even His Clothes were left behind,they were scattered to the undeserving . I understand and I mourn

Then I must also acknowledge that Mary ,His Mother suffered the ultimate that any parent ,any mother would have to bear, to witness the death of their Child is the greatest cross for a Human to bear.

I can not help to Think that The Father Almighty , OUR CREATOR, Suffered so much this day as well. He had the power to end Jesus suffering but stood fast so that Jesus’s Sacrifice  be completed. Why ? Probably knowing that we would not take notice other wise. Man did forget about Noah,and returned to Evil. The Jews forget God, rather quickly after being saved from the Pharaoh. The Tower of Babel ,Forgotten. Man has no attention span, we have a fixation on ourselves or think we are Gods ,wrong,wrong and wrong. Our pleasure drive us from God and because of this


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