Forgiving, a hard action to do

To this day I struggle with the concept of Forgiveness. I am not sure what it means, and if I can really forgive someone. If one is not able to forget an event or an action committed by someone else is Forgiveness possible . If one turns their back or acted like everything is fine to an individual that previously harmed them, is this forgiveness or just not dealing with the individual. I don’t think I ever been in a situation where someone has harmed me and I said I forgive you.

I watch my grandchildren, and they do things that will on occasion make me angry. You know like bust up something you where saving, running their hands over a something that I have been working on for hours. Knocking over the Christmas Tree. Now that kind of forgiveness, but really it a learning process that happens as a human grows up and I acknowledge that I am just the victim of such a process. To dwell on the down Christmas tree would serve no purpose .This is really not forgiving a person of an event or action that was deliberate.

Being of Irish descent , it popular to say we Irish hold grudges till we die. There might be some truth to this tale, but I think it more of a universal dilemma . I will aways have a hard time forgiving others, and if I was of African decent I sure the situation would be the same.

The Apostle Peter asked Jesus , How many times must I forgive someone it they sin against me, seven times? Jesus answered seventy-seven times (Matthew 18 :21-35). That is a lot of forgiving, yes. How am I sure I am forgiving ? Can I really Forgive or is it not possible to forget and I am just not able to do anything about it?

I put God to task by my sins and expecting him to forgive me. I constantly go out of my way to harm Him, His name, disobey His will and even deny His presence . I Trust He will forgive me because He has Acted by sacrificing His Son so that I could be forgiven. I accept that even though I have been forgiven through the sacrament of penance , I still will be judged later. So I guess in a way God forgives me but He also doesn’t forget. I should strive not to sin . Learn from what He tells us through the Church, the Bible and what He tells me from inside. I think eventually I will learn to forgive truthfully and not as a blind action.

Let us Pray

Our Loving Father

we sin against You and go out-of-the-way to hurt You

Yet You have shown mercy ,time and time again

Jesus has taught us to Forgive

let us learn to be able to Forgive properly

to Acknowledge that we are sinners and need forgiving ourselves

and that to be forgiven does not give us a reason to continue sinning

help us understand , help us obey

In Jesus Name



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