One of my biggest weakness all through my life is having a potty mouth. I did cleaned it up since I started watching the grandchildren , but on occasions my rants get out of hand. I realize others consider this a non issue of life, but in truth it is a serious issue. It is a form of dis-respect shown to others , a statement of aggression .

It is amazing on how I have justified  this weakness. I am always blaming the situation, my supposedly hard life experiences. Which is really bull in itself. When I worked those long hours for the company, I would arise from my sleep with the a grunt and spit out that four letter slang we use for making Love. How did I manage to take one of the true pleasures of being human and dirty it. Some folks like to separate the slang from the actual cursing. In Truth I don’t think Our Good Lord sees any difference, it’s more the act then the actual word. Heck I think using the word money is a curse word. Said it instills a reaction,usually negative.


While I grew up as a Catholic and went to Catholic school , I found it almost necessary, profound need to talk trash as soon as I was surrounded by others. It was almost like I needed to prove my ability to be a bad boy. Years later I was working with the Catholic School setting up their kitchen and food service. Surrounded by project managers of the  school, the Bishop and a Priest I witnessed,those guys talked like a bunch of drunk horny soldiers . I was so embarrassed and shocked. I was raised to honor the clergy as if my life depended on them. My father who would spank my butt for cursing and even got in my face as an adult for loose words told me about His Dad. My PoP PoP was a very religious man, would abusively  curse . Why is that some who are around God , who worship and serve God, caught up in such a weak and undesirable character trait.

I don’t think cursing is the measure of a person. I have some very dear friends who suffer with such a dilemma .  The person that talked low and direct and with unquestionable direction ,Like Dad was the one that would scare the poop out of me.

Recently I removed myself from the Drug Prozac. I had been on it for a very long time. The kids would know when I was off it cause my filthy mouth would come out, but this time so far I manage to contain it, I know it is through prayer that it is contained. That being said

Let us Pray

Holy and Merciful Father

We are weak sinners who forget our manners

We disrespect You way to often and If not for the Mercy You show us

The sacrifice of Your son Jesus,we would be lost

Forgive us Father ,help us clean up our precious gift of Language

help us keep our Hearts pure , out thoughts clean

In the Name of Jesus Christ ,We Ask



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